Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Week Ahead

The week begins in a Crescent Moon (starts 1-4).   This phase is connected to friends and associates who share a like-mindedness. 
Have you called a friend for an update on their life?  You should, you may be surprised what you hear.  

Focus on:   What information are you learning about your groups?  What are you learning about your tribe?   When you are in drive and consider your position in the greater world---how does it work with your circle of peep?  Are you with the people who have the same drive as you?  Why or why not?

Later in the week:

1/5  Sun/Jupiter:   Family feels loud and noisy.   Business feels cold and detached.  Finding balance between both worlds is challenging.   
1/ 6 Mercury/Saturn.   Mental acumen supports building resources. Great for taxes, loans etc.
1/7: Mercury/ Venus.  Fun.  Live wire time.  Great connections, conversations, good money aspect.   Great love aspect.

On Thursday the moon turns First Quarter.  For 3 days…. 

Focus on:   What actions are you taking that support you breaking out?   Your goals and your visions of you in the greater world need your energy.  What does it look like?  Watch and see what comes up this three day cycle that speaks to you getting your energy up.  Watch what makes you angry.   You can be pissed or use it to make some real changes. 

1/8:  Sun/Neptune.  Feeling a bit at a loss.  A level of fuzziness pushes us to rely on intuition.

1/8:  Mars/Jupiter. Watch the fights with lovers. Watch the fights with family. Watch the fights between lovers and family.  Watch how you take out your frustrations on your car and driving.  

Have a great week and make it work!  

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