Friday, April 3, 2015

Libra Lunar Eclipse Full Moon

Libra Full Moon
Total Lunar Eclipse
April 4, 2015
8:05am EDT
14 Libra 24


Let’s eat the frosting first, shall we?


Saturday’s lunar eclipse is a total lunar eclipse.  Not a partial but a total eclipse and it is the third total eclipse out of four in a row.   Last year we discussed this rare phenomenon and here we are again going over the details.   When there are four total lunar eclipses in a row it is called a Tetrad which you can read HERE.  

Stephanie Austin pointed out in her full moon article (Mountain Astrologer April/May)  that between 1582-1908 there were ZERO tetrads.  That is  Zero for nearly four hundred years!

Between 1909-2000 there were 5 tetrads. 

And in the 21st century there will be eight tetrads.  

1.       2003-2004

2.       2014-2015

3.       2032-2033

4.       2043-2044

5.       2050-2051

6.       2061-2062

7.       2072-2073

8.       2090-2091

After next fall when we have our final leg of this tetrad we won't have another set until 2032.   We should pay attention to these eclipses perhaps a wee bit more than other lunar eclipses. 
In general eclipses are power packed full moons.   Total lunar eclipses are of course even more charged.   They push and pull on tides and on us small humans.    The signs of the eclipse of course speak to the energy being pushed.   In this tetrad:    

4/15/14  Libra Moon

10/08/14  Aries Moon

4/04/15    Libra Moon  (This weekend)

9/28/15   Aries Moon

This total lunar eclipse will be seen on the West Coast, in the Pacific and Asia.  

And yes,  If you google blood moons, Jewish holidays and Bible you will see all kind of theories and thoughts.   I don’t know enough to weigh in on religious prognostications.    I’ll leave that to you.   But, I gotta say the Mid East is certainly hot and the issues around Iran and the negotiations, Israel, the killing of Christians in Kenya yesterday…..well, it is quite a week at the very least.

This Full Moon the Sun is in Aries, Moon in Libra and both are being influenced by  Uranus and Pluto.    Libra speaks to our relationships.   A few questions to ask:

 How is our relationship with our partner?  Is it fair? 

Where do we do tit for tat? 

How does that make us feel? 

Where are we lazy and let our partner do more?  Is that fair? 

Where is our partner lazy and makes us do more?  Is that balanced? 

Where are we passive aggressive?  Is that working? 

Where is our partner passive aggressive?   

 What are we negotiating?   Are we giving up too much?  Are we asking too much?

With Uranus in the mix there may be squabbles.    Why the fighting?   Is it because of any of the above topics?  

This full moon may have us craving changes (Uranus) and breakthroughs (Pluto).     For those people in relationships who feel stuck this Full Moon may shake up things.  Even if we don’t get into a fight we may feel deep down the rumble of an earthquake.

How are we getting balance?   What is going on with our body?  Are we hungry?  Are we angry?  Are we lonely?  Are we tired?   Where are we out of balance?  What can we do to right ourselves?  And at the end of the day who is in charge of us?   If it is not the person in the mirror how can we use this full moon to get that fixed? 

With full moons we need to pay attention and with lunar eclipses we need to be on our toes.   With the third TOTAL full moon in a row and the second Libra Moon we should be getting a handle on our partnerships.  In particular what is working and what is not.    This doesn't mean you need to ditch someone by next week.  But perhaps it is time to not pussy foot around stuff.   Use the Aries sun to get out there and be proactive with your partner.  

And of course, remember, Libra is an air sign and if you start to wig out….. B R E A T H E. 

It will be okay.  I promise.   Moby does, too. 

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