Saturday, April 25, 2015

This Week

Today (Saturday April 25 at 7:55pm EDT) we move into First Quarter Moon.  This is our second deadline for your Treasure Map.  Can you do it?   If not you do have our final deadline next week.  After that deadline, well, we're done.  And you will have to wait until next year to make your map.   My feeling is if you can get it done now before 7:55pm EDT---Great. Get it completed.  If not then go for it this week.

In the meantime.....

First Quarter Moon
April 25
7:55pm EDT

Focus on:  What actions  can you take that bring out your bravery?  What goals have you set out for yourself that need high self-esteem? What actions can you take that speak to your love?  How are your actions accessing your creativity? 

Special focus
4/26: Venus sxt Uranus:  Breakthroughs around money, love and creativity.
4/29: Sun sxt Neptune.  Inspired faith with actions build self esteem.

Gibbous Moon
April 29
10:50pm EDT   

Focus on:
What have we missed about our health and diet?  What goals did we set out for the year that need to be scheduled in our calendar every day?  Where do we need to do a tiny bit every day in order to achieve a bigger goal? What did we miss because we didn’t get in close and look at the details?  

Special Focus:
4/30: Mercury enters Gemini

5/03: Mercury Opp. Saturn.  Restricted thoughts and conversation. Feeling mentally blocked or challenged.  

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