Tuesday, April 7, 2015

This Week Astro report

The Full Moon that launched April 4 continues to influence the first part of our week.   Oh, how our relationships are being stretched.  No kidding.   Are we licking our wounds?  Are we comforting someone who has just gone to battle with their partner?   Who needs support?     How do we get our support?    What are we willing to negotiate and what  is a non- negotiable?  


Focus on:   Where are your partners?   Who are your partners?  Yes, your spouse may be one but what about the other partners?  The partner with whom you share your yuckies or the partner you share your goals?  The partner who really gets you?   And where are you a partner?  For whom are you someone else’s touchstone?   Is everything BALANCED?  If not, well, prepare to get a lunar chiropractor adjustment.


Special focus:

4/7: Mercury sq Pluto:  Watch the big edicts coming out of your mouth.  If you aren’t doing the real work of changing your thinking then you are a blowhard.  Stop it.


On Wednesday we move out of Full Moon and into Disseminating Lunar Phase.  For three days we are focused on what we are sharing and what others are sharing with us.   This disseminating has us pondering our visions, our education and what we are learning.     In the middle of the disseminating Jupiter turns direct.   See POST.




April 8


7:24am EDT 


Focus on:  How are you sharing your visions?   How are you sharing your ‘inner teacher’?  How are you sharing teachable moments with people in your life that aren’t just children?   How is someone sharing with you a teachable moment? How is righteousness and prejudice slopping into your world or out of your mouth?



Special focus:

4/8: Jupiter turns direct 12 Leo 35.   See above

4/8: Mercury con Uranus: Breakthrough thinking that supports self- determination.   Communicating in a different manner.     Brilliant and cuckoo thoughts are pronounced.

4/10: Sun con Mercury:  Elevated thinking.  Thinking from Self Esteem not ego.  Inspirational conversations.  Our brains are moving quick.  On hyper drive.



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