Monday, August 10, 2015

Jupiter's Big Move into Virgo

Jupiter in Virgo  
On August 11th (7:11am EDT) Jupiter moves out of loud and noisy Leo and into reserved Virgo.   The Zodiac progression is not a random act in astrological terms.  We need dramatic Leo with all of its bravery and grand ideas to be followed by tidy Virgo whose discipline nature can test if the Leo ideas make sense and can be built upon.   Virgo is our daily work.  You gotta know that of all signs Jupiter is really uncomfortable in Virgo.  Virgo is about dotting I’s and crossing T’s and Jupiter comes in like a bull in a china shop, loud and brusque.  In fact Jupiter is in his detriment in the sign Virgo—Meaning it is a little difficult for Jupiter to get his Jupiter on.   But it does not mean he does not propel us or help us expand and accomplish the good from Jupiter.  It is just that jovial energy must be harnessed in with Virgo daily habits. 

How can we use Jupiter’s energy in a daily manner?  Jupiter wants us to expand our world.  Jupiter is also about faith and religion.  Jupiter stays in a sign for about a year.   We will be tested to use our faith daily.  As said, Jupiter’s goal is to expand our world.  When it is in Virgo we will feel the urge to expand our world in some practical way, perhaps even traveling.   We also will get realistic (perfect Virgo world) about how to accomplish more travel in our life.  Is it putting a dollar a day in a jar and planning a trip next summer?  Is it taking a monthly payment out of our checkbook transferred to a travel savings?  Perhaps you will go about your day and meet more ‘foreign’ people, places or food.  Or expand our circle because we don’t feel we have enough people in it or we need new energy.    

Jupiter is the planet of luck.  But it is not some out of the blue lucky thing that just happens when it is in the sign Virgo.  Rather it more about the discipline and the hard work we do (Virgo) to make our ‘luck’ (Jupiter).   Virgo is the sign of daily health, hygiene and diet.  “Oh, Jupiter how this is challenging.”    Jupiter wants to eat and drink everything in front of him, but while in Virgo we can access the other part of Jupiter that is the optimism of finally locking a great diet that improves our health.   We get a boost of Jupiter positivity when we cut our calories down every day for a week and see a pound or two drop on the scale.   “Maybe I can do another week,” says Jupiter.    What other projects do you have on your calendar that need daily work and optimism?    Use Jupiter for the cause!   

On August 3rd we had the first of three squares between Saturn and Jupiter.    There will be two more during Jupiter’s trek in Virgo.  The second on March 23, 2016 (16/17 Sag/Virgo)  and the final one on May 26  (2016)  (13/14 Sag/Virgo).   This is a push and pull between our pessimists and our optimists.  It is the push between being big and grand and taking on so much but then nothing gets accomplished.  It is getting lost in the forest and not seeing the trees.  It is getting lost in the trees and not seeing the forest.  Quite simply it is the microscope versus the telescope.   Where are you using one lens and need to switch to the other?    Finding daily faith will be a must to make it through these aspects.  And perhaps one of the more fruitful areas to explore with Jupiter is our philosophy and our opinions.   Many people will look at their daily life and see how it matches or doesn’t match their opinions and philosophy.  Is it working for you?  For example and this is an easy one, if you have a skanky opinion about ‘rich’ people then look at your income.  Would you benefit by more income?  Well how can you accomplish that if you have a crappy opinion about people who have money?    Look at all your opinions for the next year and see if they are working for you.  Especially around the dates for the squares with Saturn.    Go back to the first week of August 2015 and ask yourself what came up and see if it gets revisited in March and May.    And remember Jupiter will want to expand your calendar and schedule so much it might feel you are imploding.  Take a breath and prioritize everything but put health and exercise at the top and you will make the most of big ol’ Jupiter.

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