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Leo New Moon: Roar!

Leo New Moon
August 14, 10:53am EDT

This is a pretty cool Leo New Moon.    What is it going to take for you to have fun?  Or what is it going to take for you to run with your creativity?   What is it going to take for you to love without abandonment?   Oh, there is so much that Leo can teach you.  Go to this LINK to read the whole article.  

In the meantime, here is a little snippet but go to the link for the whole write up.  Lots to read.

Leo New Moon
August 14, 2015   10:53am EDT

Learning Leo
Wow.   We are getting a big ol’ fat terrific Leo New Moon and we all deserve it.   Honestly, is there anyone on earth who hasn’t felt shaken up in the last three years?   The Uranus/Pluto tension starting in 2012 put us all in a hideous world of black and white and somber grey.   Fear abounds everywhere during this tough patch but now, get out of the way, Technicolor is entering our life for twenty-nine days.   This is a fabulous New Moon; let’s all make an effort to run with the colors!    

Leo is the second fire sign of the zodiac.  In Aries the first fire sign, we have sparks and hot white flames that can forge new ground but also can singe if you get too close.  In Leo, the flame is robust and hot and workable.  It is the flame that we use for cooking or warming the family.  It is the harnessed flame.    By the time we get to Sagittarius the flame has mellowed. It still can warm food or feet and more to the point it can be used to ignite other fires, perfect for Sag the philosopher and educator.      

When we think about Leo we sometimes stumble on the bravado nature of the Lion.  Roaring all over the place, sucking up oxygen wherever they go, so thin-skinned that when they bruise they are the loudest.      But the other part of Leo is equally at play.  They are unabashed about their pride.  When they do something they do it big and right.  They want it to be glorious.   And you know what? We can learn from them.      They are loyal; they will stick by someone in thick and thin.   They know their strength and usually others in their tribe/pack/pride whatever you want to call it, rely on Leo’s strength.  They are not afraid to be strong.  And you know what?  We can learn from them.    When they love, they love with full force. Like a big ol’ cat grooming their mate or their cub. Leo will lick their loved one or their creative project all over.   They don’t hide their love or marginalize it or rationalize it, they just love with force.   They are not afraid to be passionate.  And you know what?  We can learn from them.    

And no one knows how to play like Leo.  They find humor everywhere they go, they laugh loud, they like others to laugh, they enjoy a party and with Leo a party can be two people.    They are creative from the ends of their toes to the top of their crown chakra.    And more to the point they are not afraid to have fun, play and activate their creativity.   And you know what?  We can learn from them.

Of course we have a Leo New Moon every year but it is not every year that there is this much opportunity to learn so much from Leo.  Sometimes the planets are in such harsh aspects with the Sun and Moon that we have to avoid Leo pitfalls.   We have to run from the braggarts, the exaggerations, the egotistical outbursts, and perhaps narcissism where they and their opinions are the center of the world.   Sure every sign has its bumps and we discuss them every month.  But this Leo lunar cycle is not so much about the bumps and more about us getting out of our way and letting Leo teach us a thing or two about being creative, being big, having fun and for goodness sake feeling ALIVE!!! 

This Leo New Moon chart, the Sun and Moon are in pretty tight conjunction with Venus and a wider (out of sign) conjunction with Jupiter.   Additionally the Sun/Moon trine Uranus and there is a square with Saturn.   Which is a small rough part but let’s look at the good right now.

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