Saturday, August 1, 2015

Saturn Direct: Get on with it.

August 2
1:53am EDT

Saturn turns direct at 28/29 Scorpio on August 2 pushing us to finalize any issues around resources, empowerment, taxes, legal matters, sex, loans, obsessions, dark energies that need death and rebirth.   Along with shallow issues that need depth (once again through death and rebirth.)    Scorpio is anything that we co-mingle with others like our money, blood, our DNA and sex.   It is also our black and white sides.  The part of us that shows no gray.   Saturn returned to Scorpio on June 14th and will go back to Sagittarius on September 17th.   As we have mentioned before, once Saturn leaves Scorpio he won’t return for 28 more years.  So, do you think it is a critical time to deal with sex, money, shared resources, loans, DNA, blood and the parts of our psyche that scare the bejeesus out of us?   Purge, purge, purge.   It is also a significant time to deal with compulsions and addictions.   Is it time for rehab? Is it time for 12 step?  Is it time for a real in your face therapist?   You know better than anyone.   Anyway, work on your shadow side during this limited period.    It is just too important to ignore and remember we don’t get it again for 28 years.    Just sayin’.  

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