Saturday, December 5, 2015

Astrology this Week ...Mars is the word, the word, the word...

This Week In Astrology.

We continue the Last Quarter Moon until Dec 7 (ends early in the morning).     Then we finally and I say FINALLY, in all caps, move into the balsamic phase of this Scorpio Lunar cycle.     Paris, Colorado, San Bernardino…..need I say more?   All of it misguided.   Negative Scorpio for sure. Let me tell you when I thought about the wife in the San Bernardino attack I thought of Mars in Libra.   Yikes.     For the rest of us, we continue to let things die that no longer serve us.   We trust the process of letting go.  We know there is more and better on the other side of our ‘holding on’.    We release.  Through that process we become empowered.

Back to Mars.  It is pronounced this week.

On the 6th Mars squares Pluto.    This tension is strong and explosive. 
Then moon moves into Balsamic on the 7th and then….
On the 10th Mars opposes Uranus where the tension is strong and volatile.

Yeah, a bumpy window for sure. 

Lame people doing lame disruptive things will highlight the week.  Not just globally but personally.    Mars in Libra speaks to volatility in and around relationships.    Pluto in Capricorn speaks to evolution in authority.  Uranus in Aries speaks to revolution and independence in personality or personal energy.   

There may be fights.  And there may be others who just get a lot of shit done because they are so sick and tired of not having it done.   Let’s use the good side of Mars, people.     Also there are some nice aspects between Mars and the Sun on the 6th and the Sun trine Uranus on the 8th that are inspiring and supportive.  Hurray for the good! 
New Moon in Sagittarius arrives on December 11th.   That post will come later when I use Mars to get my ass in gear and write it! 

Huge hugs to all and extra big hugs to our neighbors 60 miles to our east in San Bernardino. 

Last Quarter moon:

Focus on:
What actions are you taking that take care of details?  What actions are you putting on your to-do list?  What do they serve that is bigger in your life?
How are you looking at the small things?   How are the facts important? 

Special focus:
12/6: Sun sextile Mars:  Having fun and pushing relationships to a playfulness.  Learning from others.   Teaching others.  And being taught by others!
12/6: Mars Square Pluto:  Warrior meets CIA assassin.   Relationships feel threatened by workaholic.   Standing up for self versus selling the farm for both work or relationship. 

Balsamic Moon Phase
December 7
6:28am EST

Balsamic:   We let go.  By releasing we can prepare for the new. 

Focus on We release our controlling.  We release our ‘stuckness’.  We release our deep fear.  We releases addictions and anything that blocks transformation. 

Special focus:
12/8: Sun trine Uranus.  Creativity, dynamic new beginning.  Where is your independence bringing a new adventure?
12/9: Mercury in Capricorn
12/10:  Mars opposition Uranus.  Rebellion, warrior, pushing the envelope….over the cliff?

Sagittarius New Moon December 11, 5:29am EST. 

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