Thursday, December 24, 2015

Full Moon and Uranus Direct --Merry Christmas!

Full Moon Phase
December 25, 2016
6:11am EST
3 Cancer 19

Yes, we have seen the news reports.  It is the first full moon on Christmas since 1977 

And we won’t get the next one until 2034.   I mentioned last week there have been plenty of full moons activated on Dec. 23 and Dec 24 which spill over on Christmas so we are all familiar with the high emotions of a full moon meeting the high emotions of Christmas but this year is a wee bit different for sure.

Capricorn Sun brings out the pragmatic.  Cancer brings out the emotional.    The Full moon points out where we are out of alignment or where we are in alignment.   Two weeks ago on Sag New Moon we planted seeds that spoke to a new adventure and where we wanted to set our sights.   What is around the corner?   What do we want around the corner?  Where do we need faith?   We stoked the fires to inspire us.    Now here we are on Full moon and we are looking at what is our reality.   And with Cancer a lot of the reality involves our family.  Who are these people?    How are we interacting with them?  Is there more we want for our family?   And if it is not family that is around us then look at our emotions.  How are they speaking to the seeds we planted for our future?   What feelings keep washing up on us?  Are they helpful towards our goals?    Capricorn is all about managing.   How can we manage our emotions?   This does not mean shutting down our emotions or our feelings, but how can we let them pass through us so that they don’t shut down our goals? 
There is a lovely trine between the Moon and Neptune so there is support from spirit and divine.   Perhaps it is random thought or a quiet knowing that our goals are correct.

Also on Christmas Uranus will be turning direct at 10:52pm EST.   Let’s play the game, “There are no accidents.”  With that in mind how interesting is it that on a rare Christmas Full Moon when emotions are high we also get Uranus turning direct in Aries?     And again, remember we are in the Sag lunar cycle with emphasis on adventures and goals and  asking for more.   There we are surrounded by our family ….and in that environment, Uranus who a smidgen past the halfway mark in his journey is coaxing us to make changes.    Changes that speak to new beginnings.   And independence.   And remember independence does not mean being alone.  It means a new path that speaks to something in you that is independent of others. What is that gift?   What is that pulse?  What is that inner vibe that knows a change is coming?  Uranus will leave Aries in 2018 so we only have a couple more years to let Uranus stoke our fires before he goes into Taurus and that is a whole different kettle of fish.  Trust me.   And all of this on Christmas?   This isn’t occurring on Flag Day or Columbus Day or some random holiday.  Nope it is on the muther of all holidays:  Christmas.    Where emotions are peak.  And it is a full moon.   

Yeah, the Universe is getting our attention.  

And if you don’t celebrate Christmas pretend that you do and look around and ask is everything really lining up?  If it is not gather your emotions and get practical about what it will take to get those changes.
Do you need more vacations?  Go online to your bank and have money taken out to another account every week that will be your vacation account.
Do you need to go back to school?  Go online and look at some classes.   Do you need a new wardrobe?  Go online and find a clothes shopper.   And what about the body?  Do you need to make a doctor’s appointment?  Send them an email.  Do you need to exercise?  Put on your jogging shoes and go outside.      Look around and see what needs a tune up.  Don’t beat yourself up but do make changes now and know that they will evolve into concrete manifestations as the year unfolds.

This reminder that your goals are real and that your emotions are real and that you CAN work both of them to get where you need to go…is my gift to you.  You can do it.  Hey, I’m doing it, too. 

Merry Christmas and enjoy the Full Moon.


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