Sunday, December 13, 2015

This Week in Astrology News

Sagittarius new moon continues until Monday at 9:47pm EST.   This is great news for all of us.  Why?

 I am 100 percent positive we all have not used this new moon to our advantage.  

On this Sag cycle we need to stoke our fire.   Or plant seeds that speak to big ideas like faith and belief  especially for issues in our personal life.  Where do we need both?  Do we need to go to church?  Also this is the cycle where consider:  “Where do I need to stretch?”  What can we do that supports that goal?   Maybe we need to talk to our spouse about a big ol’ family vacation for next summer or next winter?  We don’t have to have the game plan figured out but let’s get the ball rolling by at the very least talking about it.    Maybe we need to call someone that could later be helpful for something that makes us stretch.   Call that trainer and tell them you want to start working out with them in January or February. Call them now on Sag New Moon.   Or maybe you call that friend of yours who always seems to have money.  Ask him or her if they will have coffee with you so you can talk about what they do.  Again you don’t have to have the coffee now. But plant the seed now.    Now is the time to look for advice that supports our long -range goals.    On Capricorn New Moon (in January)  we will look at our Treasure Maps (made last April) and assess  how we are doing. But before we get there we stretch now to continue to stay on track. It has been a long time since we planted the seeds of our treasure map.   And if we feel far away from our goals…we need that faith.    Ah, back to Sag again.     Don’t waste Monday.   Plant some seeds.  Stoke the fires.   Get the ball rolling…I could write these catch phrases all day, I think you get the picture.

Late on Monday we move into Crescent where we have to look at our friends and social endeavors  and then at the end of the week we move into First Quarter Moon where we are asked again to look and faith.     See a theme?

New Moon focus: What adventure are you on? What is inspiring you?  Who is shooting off their mouth?  How are they an idiot?  Why are you listening to them?  Be your own sage.   You and spirit are meant to be together.  Just takes you to look up and find the light. 

Special Focus:  
12/14: Sun sq. Jupiter:  The battle between looking at the world through a microscope lens when you should use a telescope.  And visa versa.
12/14: Merc sext. Neputne.  Inspired thoughts.  Elevated conversation.  Brain feel illuminated.

Crescent Moon Phase
December 14, 2015
9:47pm EST

Focus on: What are you learning about your tribe of like minded people?  Who is bringing out your best ideas?   Who is not?   What are your learning about working within a group?   How do you support others brilliance?  Who is supporting yours?

Special Focus:
12/17: Venus sext Pluto.  Creativity, resources, love and values gets a boost.  Something sheds and something new is reborn.  

First Quarter Moon
December 18
10:14am EST

Focus on:  What actions can you take that speak to your truth but also speak to your faith?  What actions can you take that speak to humanitarianism? 

Special focus
12/19: Mercury con Pluto.   An annual event where our thinking and our tongue get laser sharp.  Exacting truth that is a guiding force. 
12/20: Mercury Sq Uranus: Breaking out in thinking will be pronounced.  There might be some fighting words along the way.

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  1. I love coming back to re-cap your posts to see what was going on when I was too busy to read.

    "12/17: Venus sext Pluto. Creativity, resources, love and values gets a boost. Something sheds and something new is reborn."

    I gave my notice at work on 12/17 to spend time at home working for myself, sewing and writing.