Thursday, December 10, 2015

Sagittarius New Moon: The Adventure!

Sagittarius New Moon
December 11, 2015
5:29am EST
19 Sag 02

Hello and Welcome to Sagittarius New Moon!

First of all before we begin this conversation well actually monologue on Sagittarius New Moon I need to give you two images. 
Image #1:  A fire burning with hot embers
Image #2:  An Airport, Train Station and Harbor where people depart

When you are lonely and need support a Sag will warm you up. They will help light something in you.  Hope and belief will be stirred.  They will help get your fire going and they will inspire you.    You will feel like they are fighting on your behalf. They will coach you.  They will help you learn something.  They will give you a bunch of mental support.   They will say, “You, Rock!”  And they mean it. 

When you need a new perspective and a desire for an adventure Sag will take you on the road trip.  They can take you on tour of your town and show you things that you never knew existed just a few miles from your house.   Sag is curious and Sag likes to connect dots.   They are an ultimate traveling companion.   You won’t miss anything important if you are on the road with Sag.

Now that we are clear on those images let’s move forward.

This Sag new moon we are all on an adventure.    I’m not using the word vacation because that is not an adventure.  Vacation has a root word of vacate.   Which is absence and vacation is defined as ‘a break from work’.    Yes, you can be on a Tahiti Vacation, meaning you are not at work you are in Tahiti.  Or you can be on an adventure in Tahiti.   Do you feel the difference of those two sentences?   Good. That is Sag.     

We are all going on an adventure for 29 days.  We are looking for embers and flames that remind us to that inspiration is as vital as food and air.    No matter how each day unfolds it is part of a Sag adventure.   People, places, moments and humor (Sag word) are our scenery.    As to how this adventure unfolds we need to look at the chart for the New Moon.

Aspects with the Sun & Moon in Sag:
Sun & Moon Square Jupiter (Virgo)
Sun & Moon Square Chiron (Pisces)
Sun & Moon Trine Uranus (Aries)
Sun & Moon Sextile Mars (Libra)

Let’s focus on the easy stuff first.  Uranus in Aries loves the Sun and Moon in Sag.  “Finally!” says, Uranus.   It spends so much of the year getting stirred up by inner planets that when it gets a boost like a trine with Sun and Moon it says, “Let’s get this party started!”  

Uranus will offer up opportunities for personal change.   Here’s where that flame in the Sag comes in handy.   Uranus knows changes need to take place.  It is asking for movement.   Big movement.  And it will continue to focus on change until 2018.    Uranus can be rash but on this New Moon it is getting coaxed and coached by Sagittarius; which will inspire many of us to finally make a move or find a doorway.     If you were on a train in India or a temple in Bali or a castle in Germany you would see something ‘different’ ‘unique’ ‘ curious’; which speaks to Uranus.  And that visual or moment could inspire you.      For those of us who are home and not going anywhere, (raising my hand) that temple in Bali might be a moment you happen to observe at a bus stop in front of the market.   That German castle could be a park on the way to your doctor’s appointment.    Look at everything as if you were an explorer on an adventure.     Uranus knows we all need changes and Spirit in his infinite wisdom has given us this faith affirming trine.  We need to be reminded there is a pony under the shit.   Also, we could have had the New Moon in Sag during the last week of November and it would NOT be in trine to Uranus.   But instead we are having it now with the trine.  Why?  Perhaps we need this inspiration for a bigger reason?   I see you nodding your head.  Yes, perhaps.