Thursday, April 21, 2016

Full Moon in Scorpio

Scorpio Full Moon 
April 22, 2016
1:24 am  EDT 

I thought a purple moon was fitting.  

There are certain new and full moons we have to put in bigger context.   And this is one of those moons.    Right now we have the following planets in retrograde:

When a planet goes retrograde in astrological terms it speaks to slowing things down and re-evauating.   

With Mars retrograde in Sag & Scorpio we are looking at our crazy opinions and which ones help us or maybe we have out grown.   Plus we look at our resources and money and things that we share with others.   How is that working?  

With Jupiter in Virgo retrograde we are dealing with our daily life and daily schedules.  Slowing down our calendars.  Where the hell are we saying yes, "I'll be there"?  Do we really want to be there?  Is it matching our ideals about what we wanted when we made our Treasure Maps?   

With Saturn in Sag retrograde we are again looking at our goals and aspirations and saying, "Hmmmm" is that person, commitment, date, responsibility in alignment with my goals?  

With Pluto retrograde which happens every year (the other planets do not necessarily do it every year) we are reevaluating our power and what empowers us.  Because it is in Capricorn we are again reflecting on our responsibilities and what we want in our life and future --and what we don't want.  We have crossed the mid way point of Capricorn and I am sure you are feeling Pluto like me--it's quality, Baby.  Not quantity!   

So there we are with all these planets in retrograde and we are re-evaluating and reassessing so much and in this context we get the Scorpio Full Moon.   And guess what Scorpio loves?   Death & rebirth.   Yep, Scorpio will cut shit out that no longer works. And by the way, Scorpio rules plumbing.   One pipe takes shit out and another pipe brings in fresh water.    That is the power of  Pluto.  What do you give an eff about?  And what do you not give an eff about?  

This full moon could be the exact thing we all need as we get our head on what is important and what is not.    Watch how little you care about stuff this weekend.   Or watch what seems to be important.    Full Moons pull on our emotions.   Saturn and the Venus (Taurus Sun ruler) are in good aspect and it  is a great time to build on the good you have in your life and release the nonsense.  

Carry on.  

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