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Treasure Map 2016

April 7,  7:23am EDT 

Twenty years ago I was studying lunar cycles with astrologer Buz Myers.  Once a month I received his audio-cassettes, which were always thoughtful astrological analysis of the lunar phases and more important---were always funny.  Which goes a long way in my book.   I listened to them every month for many years. So by the time the spring of 1996 arrived I knew a lot and was not expecting anything earth shattering in his report.   I had no idea that the Aries New Moon Report by Buzz Myers in 1996 was going to change my life.   But it did.  

In that report he sent all of his students on a mission.  He encouraged us to make Treasure Maps.    Basically a Treasure Map is a collage of images, sentences, may be words that strike at our core.   Things that we want to accomplish in the new year.    Remember this was twenty years ago way before everyone was talking about Vision Boards.   There were a handful of people for sure doing it and I’m not suggesting Buz was the first.  But he certainly was the first to tie it into the Aries New Moon that I had seen.    And of course the Aries new moon is the beginning of the lunar year and therefore has real punch.   So, I listened to the tape and  I could feel Buz was really on to something and I gathered two of my friends (one of them Margaret who turned me on to Buz) and we made our maps.    Each of us bought a bunch of magazines and we laughed, ate and cut out photos and images and words that inspired us.  We ooed and awed over each other’s maps and then went on our way.   But we all noted one thing that Buz had said.    “If you make your map on Aries New Moon you should expect to see results by Cancer New Moon (June/July).”   And he was right. 

I won’t go into all the details but I will tell you I put up an image of a man who I think was modeling shoes or clothes (maybe Ralph Loren ad?)  and he was on a yacht.   In May I met the man who became my husband and yes, he sails!  He learned when he was a boy and his family was a member of yacht club.  Wow.    I still don’t know why I put that ad up, it just hit me.     Marriage was on the next map and my husband and I were married in 1999.   And of course there was a baby on 2000’s map and my son was born in 2001.    So, yep, in my world, Treasure Maps work and changed my life.     

Since that time I have been making Treasure Maps every year.  My friends IRL make them and my friends in cyberland make them and the results are sometimes breathtaking.   And let me be clear it is not always about ‘things”.  It can be about creativity. It can be about breakthroughs in emotions. It can be confidence and yes, it can be weight loss, physical improvement, a new home, a different school, a new job, a new car and what ever speaks to you. 

For the record this is a VERY potent Aries New Moon and cycle.  Not a little boy Aries New Moon, it is Big Boy, I mean this is a full on frontal attack of shaking things up for 29 days in this Aries cycle.   Seriously, I encourage all of you to make your own Treasure Map this year.    This is THE year to get a map out. 

And always, “Thank you, Buz” wherever you are in the great beyond for the gift of Treasure Maps.   


A treasure map is a collage of photos, magazines, pictures, words, pieces of things that make sense to you.   Whatever you want that you put on a foam core board or cardboard or something strong that can handle the collage.  This collage is something you can look at all year and it will be your MAP of what you want for the coming year.

WHAT DO YOU MEAN, "What do I want for the coming year?"

Exactly what it says. Do you want a new house, a new living room, better health, stronger marriage, reconnect with people, a bigger family, a bigger community? Do you want to write your book? Do you want a new car? What is it you want?

Do you even know what you want? If you are like many of us, you are so busy running around, taking care of everyone else that you don’t have a fig of an idea what you want for your new year.  This is the beauty of the process.  Building a Treasure Map is when you get to sit down and figure it out.   Please give yourself the time to do it.  Yes, I want you to be just that selfish and dare to dream!

Why do we do it now and not January?

Treasure Maps are made during the Aries new moon. Aries new moon changes from year to year and this year, it will take place on April 7, 2016 7:23am (18 Aries 17). 

Maps are made on Aries new moon, because that is the first sign of the zodiac. Aries is when you plant your seeds. It is the real beginning of the New Year.   It should not be confused with the first day of spring, which was on March 20. 

New moon means the sun and moon are in the same degree. For those who don't know much about astrology (which is totally okay) Aries is the sign of SIGHT.  That's why it is so important to have pictures of what you want. You need to visualize it. Or if you don't do photos/pictures then put up words. It is just important for you to SEE THEM.

  Each year we get one Aries New Moon and it sets the tone for the year.   You may want to read the New Moon report to get a feel for the upcoming year and it might help activate what you need.  

Do I have to buy a bunch of magazines, I'm broke, can I just borrow some old ones from friends

When I started my treasure maps I always did them with fresh new magazines. And in the old days, (not married, no children) I spent a lot of dough on magazines because I wanted lots of choices. But with time, I now only get a few magazines. I never borrowed magazines from friends however I have friends who do use borrowed magazines and were happy with their results. So, it really is your call.

What if I don't want magazine photos, can I just use my own pictures?  Like my husband, my kids, etc.?

Sure. I usually scanned personal photos so that I would not wreck my originals. 

Again it is your call.

Do I only focus on things?

Heck no! I would  encourage you to also focus on beliefs. Affirmations like “I’m abundant” or “I am always feeling loved” “My health is vibrant.” “My partner and I are always growing closer.” 

Can I paint or write on my Treasure Map?

Of course!  Be as creative as you want.   You can write on your map, or paint your map again, whatever you want.   I often type up affirmations and put them on the map.   Be sure that they are in present tense.   For example,  “I will be financially solid”  versus “I’m financially secure.”  Go for the second version--that is present tense.    And some gratitude is good as well, consider .... “I’m grateful that my family has optimal health.”

Is there any pattern I have to use when I put the photos or the words on my board? 

No you can do it anyway you want. 

I will say that in previous years my friends and I have used the feng shui baguas as a pattern. Basically I would break up the board into 9 areas.   If you use the feng shui baguas, you will naturally cover all areas of your life, as you can see it is all represented there. But again, you don’t have to do it that way.  Some people have even made round boards.  

Can I build a cyber-map?

Many people are more comfortable with cyber maps, which are always in sight on their computer.

And they have had success.   Again, it is your call, do what your heart calls you to do. 

How much time do I have to build my map? Good question.

Ideally you should build your map during the new phase of Aries new moon, which would take you from the April 7 until April 10 (12:06pm EDT).  But if you need more time, you can give yourself up until Full Moon (April 22 1:23am EDT) I encourage people to do it in the very beginning but I don’t want people to be pressured so if you need the whole waxing moon then go ahead and use it.   But if you can not get it done by April 22 1:23am EDT then skip it this year and make your map next year.  

Do I have to do it alone or can I do it with friends?

You can do it either way.   I know that there are several people who have parties.   I will say this, it is a lot of fun to do them with others--In the past, my friends would pass around the magazines.. "Hey, I found a great beach bungalow does anyone need a beach vacation? Or "I have got to lose 10 pounds, any ideas what I should put on my map?" and low and behold someone will come up with a good suggestion or image.

Do I have to finish it all at one sitting?

No.   Maybe take time to cut out stuff and then later glue it.   If it takes a couple days that is fine.  

Can my kids do it with me?

Yes! It is great for them to focus and think about what they want. Have them build their own maps. They also might give you their thoughts about what they think you should have in your life. Which helps them to think beyond themselves, always a good thing, right?

Does it work?


Okay. I don't want to sound like a spoilsport but I’m just not interested in building a collage, can I do something else?

Sure you can take a piece of orange paper and write down wishes or affirmations during Treasure Map time.  Sometimes I felt like I needed to switch to 'less is more' after several years of mapping.  However, I would encourage newcomers to make the actual maps.   For those more seasoned, if you really don't feel the call then just write your desires down on orange paper.  Orange is vibrant. So Aries. 

Is it ok to have things continue over to the next year? Long-term, ongoing stuff that has progressed but needs to continue to progress?

Yes. Of course. But with a small caveat. My experience after doing these for years is that when something really takes time and doesn't gel in the first year there is something still not ready. It might be something you are aware of for example one cyber friend shifted her map from year one to year two by focusing on less things.  She had overwhelmed herself with her first map and had some small successes but the second year when it was less she had more results.   And others actually had some successes but needed a couple of maps to get it done.   Sometimes, a Mapper had to move or change jobs in one year and then the following year the big get arrived.  I’m thinking of one person who wanted a pregnancy but what happened was she and her husband had to move before it happened.  She didn’t know that on the first map.   I guess the little soul needed to come through in a different state!   Anyway, follow your gut and put up what you really want and don’t lose hope if it takes a little longer.  

Now that you know how to make a map.   Go out there and put your goals and dreams on your board.   And have a wonderful New Year! 

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