Sunday, April 17, 2016

Mars retrograde. That screeching sound is just the brakes

Mars  Retrograde

April 17 8:13am EDT

First of all, let’s get our dates straight. 
Feb 17, Mars went into its shadow (23 Scorpio).  
April 17 Mars turns retrograde (9 Sag) 
May 27 it returns to Scorpio. 
June 29th it turns direct (23 Scorpio)
August 2 it returns to Sag  
August 22 it moves past the retrograde point (9 Sag)    

Mars is normally in a sign for a couple of weeks but when it retrogrades it is in a sign for an eternity.  Case in point when this cycle is over Mars will have been in Scorpio for about 4 months.   Lord.    Mars turns retrograde about every two years and it does not do it quietly.  Ah, no.

In 2012 Mars was retrograde in Virgo.  Oh, god, I remember it well.   In 2014 Mars was retrograde in Libra.   Blech----oh how that was so passive- aggressive-aggressive. 

And now we will have the retrograde in Sag/Scorpio.    Mars retrograde slows down our energy.   If we are go-go-going we will find ourselves sit sit sitting.  Basically, it will feel like we have hit the brakes.    It could be because we hit walls.  It could be because we get ourselves in trouble and have to pull it back.  It could just be because we need to slow down to get some perspective.     

With Sagittarius there can be an aggression to find truth but we might have to pull it back to see the bigger picture (remember Saturn in Sag who is also about Truth is already retrograde).  When Mars retrogrades back into Scorpio on May 27th we will have an opportunity to look at regeneration, sex, death, taxes, loans and money money money for several months.    I have spoken quite a bit about Uranus moving into Taurus in 2018.  This will impact the world’s economy.   I would highly suggest that we all take the time while Mars is in Scorpio to tidy up any money, properties and resource issues.     Also, Mars in Sag does speak to travel.  Some of you who have not been traveling as much as you wish may finally get energized to get out of the house!   Remember it is going retrograde to get our attention.  So, if you don't exactly travel during the retrograde you could plot  and plan your way to future traveling.       

Mars of course is a warrior.   There will be battles.   Depending on which house Mars is traveling in your chart will determine the battle ground. And the battles can be both internal and external.   Of course there could just be slowing down.   

1st House:    Battles around independence.  Separating from others.   Showing how you are not the same as others.   Telling the truth by your actions.  Not just words.  Separating for your identity.    Slowing down to separate from nonsense.  

2nd house:   Battles around things that you value.   Battles around properties.    Actions that speak to you building something from the ground up.   Battling the hurdles as you build something.   Slowing down to understand the hurdles. 

3rd house:   The brain is moving too fast.   Here comes sharp words.   Especially around neighbors and siblings.  Battles around communication.   Struggling to be heard.    Fighting with gossip.   Slowing down to actually hear yourself.  Slowing down to get a bigger vision.  

4th house:   Battles in family.  Battles for family.   Fighting for truth with family.  Fighting around resources with family.   Mom is in the sights for the fights.   Slowing down to feel what is right for family.  Slowing down to find your real emotions.   Remember under anger is hurt.  And the antidote for depression is action.    

5th house:  Fighting for play.  Battles around creativity.  Having fights to have fun.    Some play fighting.   Fights around love and being in love.   What is your truth about love and creativity?  Now go fight for it.   Slowing down to appreciate the creative process.  Slowing down to feel love.

6th house:   Battling your schedule.  Battling your To-Do list.   Battles around your daily health.    Clearing out clutter.   Especially clutter on your To-Do list.  How much of all that is really important?    Slowing down to figure out what is important and what is true versus what is just OCD. 

7th house:   Battles around partnership.   Fighting to be recognized.    Slowing down to figure out what needs to die and be reborn in the relationship.   Slowing down make sure your opinions about relationship does not fly in the face of what is a real relationship.   
8th house:  Contract, legal matters,  taxes, death, wills, loans from banks.  Sex.    Joint resources.  All of them could be battle areas.   Slowing down to find your resources and new ways of empowerment.  Battles to let things die so there can be a rebirth or renewal.  

9th house:  Battles around traveling. Battles around righteous opinions.  How to separate from opinions that don’t serve you.    Slowing down to hear the truth and tell the truth and when to leave some of the truth behind you and just move to higher ground.   

10th house:   Battles around career.  Jockeying for higher position.   Moving up the career path.  Slowing down to find a path that puts you out in the world in a real leadership way. 

11th house.   Battles with friends and groups of people.  Fighting for a vision.  Are you and your tribe on the same page?  Slowing down to find your highest ideals.  Slowing down to see if  your tribe is supporting your highest ideals.  

12th house.   Battles in the psyche.  Slowing down to hear the negative voices in your head, then battling them.   Actions that support you finding faith.    Battles that help humanity can help self on the path to faith.

It is possible that Mars goes between two houses in your chart.  Meaning it starts the retrograde in let’s say in house 11 and then moves back to 10.  Or it starts in 5 and then goes into 4.   You can go to astro dienst for a free astro chart .    Remember look for the houses in your chart that are between 23 Scorpio and 9 Sagittarius. 


  1. I had to laugh when I saw the picture accompanying this post. My DH and four of his university students have been snowed in after a blizzard in Denver closed the airports down...he has natal Mars in Sag in the 9th and is chomping at the bit to get moving again!house

    1. Okay, that is hysterical. I mean I know your DH was probably pissed. But you gotta admit it is funny. Let's see what trips come up for him in the next few months....and maybe he should buy flight insurance on his tickets just in case he missing one.

  2. Nicely done article. I get a big red bow kinda feel.
    Retroing over my mc @ 7°sag, will conj Uranus @24°sco and then again, all over again. Ugh... Trying to move out and expand my independent career at the same time and even figure out what I'm supposed to be doing! Lol

  3. What house has Aquarius on the cusp? I would look to see if there is some action in that house when Mars goes back over your Uranus. Just a thought.

  4. It's moving between my 11th and 12th Houses. Anyone with late Scorpio or early Sagittarius Ascendent degrees should pay special attention to ore the exact time if they experience injuries such as cuts or burns-- it could help to tweak your exact ascendant degree. For example my given birth time is 9:02 pm giving me a 3 degree Sag ASC but when Mars recently crossed 2 degrees and about 45 seconds-- I experienced a bad burn. I'll be paying attention when it retrogrades back over this degree again in the near future to see if I can't make a small adjustment to my chart.

  5. funny. I had the same thought. I cut myself on Monday and I thought, "Mars!" I have Aries Rising so you know that was you know who getting my attention. But yes, I have people in my life with Sag rising and I'm watching them carefully.