Sunday, April 3, 2016

Start your engines....This is THE week!

This week is divided into two parts.  

Part one is Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday where we are in the Balsamic Phase and we are releasing...... 

Focus on We release our victimhood.  We release our martyrdom.   We release our blindness.  We release our pity party.  

And of course we are in the Balsamic of the lunar year....there is a lot to let go.  If you are looking at your Treasure Map from last year and upset with anything that did not manifest....go ahead and release.  Tears.  Anger.  Victim.  Depression.  Go ahead...let it all out.  

 There is some Special focus:
4/3: Mercury semisquare. Neptune:  Faith and intuition is bumping up against logic.  Which is accurate?  
4/5: Sun trine Saturn.  How are you breaking out?  How are you being independent and where are you getting support in that endeavor?  How does your philosophy match your break out?
4/5: Venus enters Aries
4/5: Mercury enters  Taurus

And then on Thursday Morning....Start your engine!   

Aries New Moon April 7, 2016  7:23a EDT  (18 Aries 17)  

I will put up the Treasure Map Post Again & Aries New Moon in a couple days. 

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