Sunday, November 13, 2016

Astrology This Week

Full Moon Phase
November 14, 2016
8:52 am EST
22 Taurus 37  

The week starts off with Taurus full moon.  For three days the accent will be on getting our practical on.    We are building on our reality while letting go of that which needs to be dumped.   Bit by bit by bit by bit…….repeat…

After the full moon we move into Disseminating 

On the 18th Mercury and Neptune join up will we be inspired?  Will we be confused?   Then on the 19th Neptune turns direct after six months of retrograde.    What have we learned about our faith in that time?

November 17
1:43pm  EST

Focus on:  How are you sharing your feelings?  How are you sharing your family?  How are you sharing your emotions as a motivator?   How are you sharing your childhood?   

Special focus:
11/18: Mercury/Neptune.  Fuzzy communication.  Fuzzy thinking.  Liars.   Delusional thinking.
11/19: Neptune turns direct. 11:37pm EST  (see above)

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