Monday, November 7, 2016

USA - Election Day

Voting for the 45th USA President commences tomorrow.   Yes, there were early and mail in votes but they are not counted and do not get activated until November 8 when the vast amount of Americans walk to their local polling place and cast their vote.   The first polling place to receive voters is at 12:01 am in Dixville Notch New Hampshire.  Thus this chart.  

The day starts with Moon in Aquarius.  This is perhaps one of the most interesting elements to the day.  Aquarius speaks to tribes.   It is hard to ignore the obvious but people will be voting their tribe, their group, their "peeps".    How did women vote?  How did the white older man vote?  How did the Latinos vote, the African American, Christian, Jewish, Mormon.... you name the group and there will be a pundit talking about how they voted.    Moon trine Jupiter removes cynicism and puts a shot of enthusiasm in the polling booth.   Sun trine Neptune also adds a hopefulness.  

Of course, the tension is already great and at the time of the first vote the square between the Moon in Aquarius to Sun in Scorpio is still in effect.  But as the day unfolds the tension lessens.  The Sun in wide conjunction to Mercury makes for a blustery day, people racing and moving fast.   There may be people who leave sections of the ballot blank because they are rushing.  

At 4:45pm EST The Moon moves into Pisces and this is where things could get interesting, cuckoo or fuzzy.   If any news organization calls a state early, they may take it back.   Or there could be reports of monkey business somewhere and maybe it is a true or maybe it is not.  Or Pisces the water sign could bring in a WAVE.    And there can also be suspension with Pisces.    If a concession speech is given, the healing can begin with the Pisces moon.  If there is no concession speech, then there might be rancor when the moon gets closer to Neptune and squares Saturn on the 9th.     Although, we should see something speed up when Mars moves out of earthy Capricorn and into airy Aquarius late in the evening (Pacific time) on the 8th.   Mars the warrior in Aquarius will fire up its tribe and energize its base.   It is very proud of its independence and can be a non conformer.    If this is a close race it will get heated very fast.  We shall see. 

In terms of who wins?   I have written about it earlier this year, I believe HRC is favored.   Now it is time for you to go out and Vote!  

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