Saturday, December 10, 2016

Gemini Full Moon

Full Moon Phase
December 13, 2016
7:05pm EST
22 Gemini 25
(wraps Dec 17, 2:42am EST)

Probably no other full moon can be more mischievous than the Gemini Full Moon.   After all, the Sun in Sag is as provocative as fuck and god knows Gemini Moon loves a good skirmish just to make sure no one is bored.

Of course, not all full moons are like others and this Gemini full moon has a square with Chiron in Pisces and an opposition with Saturn in Sag.   Truth is at the center of all pain.   The truth we tell each other (or not tell) and the greater truth that comes from faith and religion etc.     Like a tongue rolling around in search of the bicuspid causing the toothache, our brain will be in overdrive hunting for the truth of our own pain or pain we see around us.   For the three-day phase we may experience something ‘off’, actually we might get a hint of  ‘off’ or yuck  on 12/11 when the Sun comes in contact with Chiron.  Something murky could come up.    By the time we get to the full moon on the 13th we could feel pushed on to our core beliefs.   Saturn in Sag says, “What do you really believe?”       A trip to church or temple or meditation could help us find our center.   Or maybe we book a spontaneous trip!   Or we could get into it with others where we think or perhaps say,  “Man, you really believe all that shit you are saying?”   Or perhaps we say that thought to ourselves.     Like I said, our brains will be on overdrive mulling truth.   

A Gemini full moon can bring out our overly rational side.   And if you are in lala land it is nice breath of fresh air to put on your rational thinking cap.   Sometimes the shortest distance is actually between two points.  And Gemini can point that out in a NY minute.

As we wonder about are beliefs and if they work for us we will also have some good laughs.  The Sun sextile Mars and Jupiter  along with the Moon trine Mars and Jupiter will bring out quick actions.   We may run right from church to a  fun Christmas party.     Expect humor to pop up. Even in a dark moment we will still find some weird thought that makes us laugh. 

Special note on this full moon:  A few days after the Full Moon in Gemini completes we will go into Mercury retrograde.   Gemini’s ruling planet is Mercury so he may be getting our attention in the full moon.  When the retrograde is activated we could go back over something that came up during full moon that needs to be processed once again.     Matters that you think are settled could continue to be in flux during the three week retrograde.    
“Flux” is such a good Gemini word.

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