Thursday, December 15, 2016

Jupiter Gets Into It with Uranus

Jupiter oppose Uranus
December 26, 2016
March 2, 2017
September 27, 2017

Jupiter the biggest planet of the zodiac does not take hostages when he gets into it with another planet.    He is just so big he sucks in a lot of us.   Case in point on November 24 when Jupiter brushed up to Pluto we found ourselves in the United States with Green candidate Jill Stein asking for a recount of votes in the Presidential election.     On December 26, Jupiter will now take on Uranus.   Uranus is the biggest disruptor planet. He likes a good revolution.   He is different from Pluto who evolves instead Uranus likes to shakes things up.   Uranus is more about a good ol’ 7.7 earthquake and not just the ones on geological faults.  He likes to shake all kinds of faultzones. 

We should get a hint of what is going on perhaps a day or two before the 26th.    Watch where some fights pop up.    Watch who is being a woosy.  Watch who is being a bully.      

Go back to November 24 and ask what was going on with you and see if it connects to December 26.  One thing that is obvious for Americans to ponder and that is the fact that November 24 was Thanksgiving and now the 26 is right smack in the Christmas Holidays.  Perhaps we are up to our eyeballs in family?   Or maybe it is the stress of holidays.   Jupiter in Libra is looking for balance and wants to be fair. But at the same time Uranus in Aries is saying, “What about me?”   We are part Narcissist and part Co-Dependent.    Maybe we have to find that spot in between and take care of our self and tell the truth?   In the Sag lunar cycle we might find it easier than expected.   Maybe? 

Whatever happens, be prepared for big assness. 

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