Thursday, December 15, 2016

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde
On December 1 Mercury moves into its shadow period (28 Sag 50)
On December 19 5:55am (EST)  (15 Cap 07) Mercury stations retrograde
On January 8 4:43am Mercury stations direct (28 Sag 50 Sag)

On January 28 Mercury exits shadow  (15 Cap 07)

Mercury retrograde in Capricorn speaks to us getting our practicality on.     Mercury in Capricorn hates wastes. It is also conservative in thinking.   For many people who have a zig zag thought process going from one thing to another and have a difficult time focusing, this Mercury retrograde in Capricorn may slow them down a bit.   

Mercury retrograde in Capricorn will have its mind on its money and money on its mind (thank you, Snoop Dog).    We will also be thinking about how we are practical in our place in the world.   There will be thoughts about our station in life and if it is working for us.  Are we playing into a caste system?   Even if we live in free democratic societies are we still buying into a class?   We have a lot to think about during the retrograde about our station in life and if it works for us.
As always double check all your important papers and if you are traveling make sure you go over all your arrangements and clarify with the hotels and airlines etc that you are good.   No big purchases either for three weeks.   

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