Tuesday, December 20, 2016

A Shout out on Mercury & Upcoming Jupiter/Uranus

Mercury stationed R yesterday.    As indicated a few days ago this Mercury inCapricorn retrograde speaks to getting super practical.    It also speaks to station in life.    Personally are we a good CEO in our life?   How are we conserving our energy and using it in the most practical manner?     Did anything come up yesterday that felt  superfluous and a waste of time?  Did someone that you count on not show up?   Fine.  Get practical about what you ask of that person going forward.  Don’t personalize it because taking things personal is not practical.    Stop it.     In the meantime, tune up your inner CEO and get cooking on executive choices for your life.    Start thinking with an inner CEO perspective.

Additionally, I want to mention that this Mercury Station conjuncts Pluto.  I neglected to point that out.      The last time we had Mercury Conjunct Pluto was the December 10, 2010 at Zero Capricorn.    One week later a man set himself on fire in Tunisia which began a revolutionary wave across North Africa often referred as the “Arab Spring”. 

Thank you to astrologer Claudia Claudhill for pointing out the Pluto/Mercury date of 2010.  I’m so annoyed with myself for missing it especially since I wrote all about it back in December of 2010!!! 

In the US there was a lot of speculation on the electoral college and Mercury retrograde.  But it seems that was regular business as usual but meanwhile we had Berlin and Turkey, I think we can see we are still working out the many issues that were started back in December 2010.   

 Pluto is a powerful force asking if not demanding evolution.   When Pluto does not evolve it explodes.    Or it attempts to control with an iron fist.  Let’s see what we have going forward with this Mercury retrograde.   

And also remember we are heading towards Jupiter oppose Uranus on 12/26  my sense is we are already in the window of this aspect.  Finding a middle ground while people want a revolution is difficult and I'm not sure Jupiter has the most deft hand.   But we three hits and perhaps the first one will sting the most and round #2 in March and #3 in September will have more 'negotiation' and less on liberation and instability.    Perhaps.     In the meantime, we will carry on.  

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