Sunday, April 2, 2017

Astrology This Week

As we go into this week, the first order of business is making sure you are still working on your Treasure Map.   

You have until up to the Full Moon.   Which means you have up until:

April 11 2:09am EDT
April 11 1:09am CDT
April 11 12:09am MDT
April 10 at 11:09pm PDT

Please make your map. 

In the meantime,  we have Saturn turning retrograde on April 5. See separate post.   Also we have a very nice trine between Mars and Pluto.   Great day to get a lot of work done! 

On the 7th The Sun is in its annual opposition to Jupiter.   Jupiter in Libra is pushing on us to rethink relationships.  And how we are supported or how we support.   Sun in Aries is focused on self interest and self action which can rub Jupiter in Libra wrong.  The answer is educating self and partner about what is important to both parties.   And telling the truth. 

And basically at the same time (exact on the 8th ) the Sun moves into its biannual square with Pluto.    Tension is in the air, feels like everyone is a warrior.   Ah, yeah.   How are you responding to the tension?    How are you finding your purpose (Sun in Aries) while going up against authority or  establishments?   Where is working?  Where is it not?    This does not need to be global, this could all be playing out in a very personal manner in your life.

Also on the 8th Venus is squaring Saturn.   Fuzzy versus righteous.   Cold opinions.  Love feels out of sorts with practicality.   

And on the 9th Mercury will turn retrograde. That post will come up in a couple days. 

First Quarter Moon
April 3, 2017 
2:39am  EDT

Focus on:  How are your emotions motivating you? How are your emotions pushing you along?  How can you use your feelings to get you up and out in a new way?  What’s going on family? How are they pushing you out by design or maybe by accident?

Special focus
4/5: Mars trine Pluto transformative action is easy.  Being practical is the power move. 
4/5: Saturn retrograde (see above)

Gibbous Moon
April 7, 2017
5:24 am EDT

Focus on:
What needs fixing in your schedule?  What are you neglecting about your daily life that could be improved upon to give you the life you want this year?    What are you putting together in your calendar that is meaningful?  

Special Focus:
4/7: Sun oppose Jupiter.  Independence feels good but what about others?  How can taking your own path support a partnership?  How can partnerships support independence? 
4/8: Venus square Saturn.  Love and move feel cold.  So practical about love it is almost jaundiced.
4/8: Sun square Pluto.  Breaking out, wanting new vs establishment.  Warrior vs spy.   Freelance vs corportate.

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