Thursday, April 6, 2017

Mercury Retrograde

Here’s the dates  for us to note:

Mercury in shadow March 26
Mercury retrograde April 9  (4 Taurus 51) 7:14pm EDT 
Mercury direct May 3 (24 Aries 16)
Mercury leaves shadow May 21

On April 9th Mercury retrogrades for three weeks.  Mercury retrograde in Taurus is interesting because on the new moon we had Venus conjunct the Sun and Moon speaking of values.  Now with Mercury retrograde, Taurus is ruled by Venus, so we are once again talking about value, self esteem and self worth.  We consider if we are being valued enough?   Mercury retrograde in Taurus can bring up money issues.   We might really wonder if we are being paid enough for our services?   Also for the three weeks of retrograde we will be mindful of where we are ‘wasting’ our time.  We could have lost mail including checks.  We may want to put some money in a slush fund in case we come up short somewhere.   Taurus is of course a very practical sign and during the retrograde we may see some kinks in our systems that have always worked or perhaps we thought they always worked.  But now we have to problem solve and come up with a new system.  As annoying as that can be we will be better for it when the retrograde is over because the improved system will turn out to be more sustainable than what we had prior to the retrograde.  The truth is we all would benefit by cleaning up skills and styles and retrograde Mercury in Taurus could provide us that opportunity.   When Mercury re-enters Aries on the 20th we could find ourselves a little snappy.   Take note if you go too far and maybe you need to apologize or maybe you need to think what is really at the crux of the snap.  Make changes because that simply is the best practical move.  And remember we are here to rethink our practical nature.

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