Sunday, April 2, 2017

Saturn Retrograde


On April 5/6 Saturn will turn retrograde at 27 degrees of Sagittarius and it remain retrograde until August 25 at 21 degrees of Sag.   
Last year, about this same time, we had the five- month Saturn retrograde also in Sag.   How was your spring and summer last year?  
Saturn is dutiful and respectful but a bit dour.  It can be hard working, results oriented and sigh, pessimistic.    Saturn in Sag when it excels will walk its very big talk.   It can be a big player with big ideas and can show up and do the hard work.    When one person has a big idea and is following truth and connects to the truth and expresses and shows up and does the hard work—people will respond.    This is the powerful lesson of Saturn in Sag.   Sounds great.   Makes a terrific hero in a novel. 

But of course there is a poor behaving side to Saturn in Sagittarius.  Righteous, opinionated, heated rhetoric every moment, in short--a blowhard.  Saturn in Sag will ask others to follow him even if he has not done anything to deserve a following.   During the retrograde we will see both heroes and blowhards.   We will see hard workers versus people who just talk a good game.  And the question is:  Are we believing truth?

We should all watch our words and opinions for the next five months.   Are we walking our talk?  Are we figuring out what we stand for?  Are we doing all that we say we believe?   Are we putting our money where our mouth is?   And are we stretching?   Sagittarius has the ability to bridge worlds.  Who do we need to meet?  Who does not look like us or speak like us but yes, we have something in common? , Can we move between different groups?  Are we engaging new people?  And most of all consider how hard you are working and ask yourself is it in alignment with what you believe?  And are you educating yourself?!!   If not you have five months to get yourself in alignment.   The universe sends us a Saturn retrograde to give us a chiropractic adjustment on what work needs to be done so can straighten up and fly right.  
See if you don't feel the difference when you wake up on the 6th. 
April 6 EDT 1:05am
April 6 CDT 12:05am 
April 5 MDT 11:05pm 
April 5 PDT 10:05pm  

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