Monday, July 3, 2017

Capricorn Full Moon. July 9.

July 9
12:06am EDT
Capricorn Full Moon
17 Cap 09

How have your emotions been speaking to you since June 23?  What raw nerves have been zapped?   Where have you been frayed?  At the same time where have you felt joy?  What has brought happiness?  Where have you felt fatigue, sad, delight?    What did you do with these emotions?   Did they move the dial somewhere in your psyche? 

With Cancer we are processing our emotions and our feelings and by the way these words are not interchangeable.   Feelings allow you to access your emotions.   “I’m feeling angered by Mary”.       Feelings are the chips and the emotions are the salsa.   And both are ruled by Cancer.      

When we get to the Capricorn full moon we will have been processing both feelings and emotions for two weeks and now we are ready to get practical.

Capricorn is the most useful sign in the zodiac.  Nothing goes to waste with Capricorn.    So, here we are at Capricorn full moon, having spent two weeks deep in our emotional process.    Capricorn says, “Great what are you going to do with those feelings and emotions?”   “How are you going to make them work for you?  How are they going to motivate you?  How are you going to get some motion (which you will note is buried in the word emotion) from all this processing?    

Why did someone rub you wrong?   What changes in your life can you make about it?  Do you need to pull away?  Or set new boundaries?  Do you need to say something?  Or another action?

Or did something make you happy?  How can you allow more of that in your life?  

And here is a novel question:  Did something make you happy or bring you joy but after it occurred did you marginalize it?  With a thought or comment like, “So what. It doesn’t mean anything.”      What else are you marginalizing?   And how is that working for you?     And if you don’t know this and let me be the first to tell you---those who marginalize good, well, your friends and family are tired of it.   It bugs the S out of them.   Just as much as Pollyannas who think life is beautiful and perfect all the time, that also bugs.  Don’t believe me?  Ask.  And try try try to do something different this full moon.     

The chart for the full moon is so loaded even for the most frozen humans, those people who put all their emotions in one little box and don’t pull them out unless the glass is broken---even those people will have a hard time keeping their emotions under-wrap.   There is tension and run ins with Mars, Jupiter, Uranus & Pluto during this period.    

That is a lot of pressure.   Pressure for knee jerk reactions (Mars),  pressure for over correcting  (Jupiter)  pressure for transformation & control freaks (Pluto) and being a renegade or revolutionary (Uranus).      A lot will be going on and coursing through our blood and the world.  Where is something very flawed that needs our attention?   Where are there fissures?   Who is racing and causing problems?    Who is misbehaving?  Who is coming up with a solution that is too reactionary?  Who is stirring up the pot but has no real answers?   That is a lot of strum and drang in both mundane and personal worlds. 

But let’s consider it a gift that is perhaps propelling us to change something important that is no longer working.  It does not have to be a dramatic move.  It can be small but the consequences and results will be great.   This is key to Capricorn.   Small moves building a bigger improved  infrastructure.   

There is a wonderful aspect with Neptune on this full moon that should bring a nice gift of strong intuition.   We love guidance from above.  Again, that is a feeling that could offer a nice emotion.    There could be a wonderful opportunity in the middle of all the full moon tension (and run up).    Let’s all make sure our radar is up high so we don’t miss any gifts.    

By the way, here is a story of a woman who experienced a feeling that later brought an emotion.   And there was a practical element to it  (the photo).   I think this is a nice to remember for our Full Moon.  

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