Saturday, July 29, 2017

Uranus Retrograde - August 2 2017 - January 2 2018

August 2
Uranus retrograde
1:30am 28 Aries 31

Uranus turns retrograde every year.   He putters through the zodiac at his little pace and then just to mess things up, he goes back ward for five months just to make sure we are not too comfortable.    Or at least get us out of our comfort zone.   Uranus in Aries speaks to our bravery or boldness.    Those leaders hiding among us are challenged every Uranus retrograde wondering, “Is it time for me to share my leadership skills?”    If some of us have personal hurdles that are holding us back, the retrograde will push on that false, “keep me small” policy.  

Globally, we have been dealing with Uranus in Aries since 2010 think “Arab Spring” when it started.   The last time Uranus was in Aries was 80 years ago so it does not come up often and this pass of Uranus in Aries will wrap up in 2018-2019.    The news should give us an idea who is rebelling and where rebellion is needed or is it just freedom?

For us personally it is all about breaking out, breaking free, honoring what is true inside of us.  Not true for our family.  Not true for our friends.  Not true for our bosses.  Not true for our spouses.  But true for you, true for me, true for us, individually.  What is that truth or direction pulsating inside you?  At this point having been in Aries for seven years, we should have a pretty good idea what Uranus is about but if we are in the dark, every planet or new moon that gets into it with Uranus cracks us open a bit more to understand where we need our liberation. 

Where do we need to be a pioneer?  Where do we need to be unstoppable?    Wherever we feel ‘off’ is an opportunity for us to go deeper into changes we need to make.   During this Leo lunar month we  pursue our joy, fun, passion, love, heart and power up our energy we may have blow back.   Is it from family or friends?  Is it from our body?  Is it from our work?   Is it from our schedule?  Whatever it is will help shape any changes we need to make.  This is the gift of Uranus.  Even if it doesn’t always look like a gift.   And we should all be adaptable.  Quick on our feet with rebel Uranus will go a long way.

Uranus turns direct January 2, 2018  at 24 degrees Aries.
Where will be at that time?   How liberated will we be then?  How fitting it is at the beginning of a new year.

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  1. Hi Tracy - thank you for your astro blogs. I just discovered them and they are really great. Being 'me' includes Sun in Aries; Moon in Scorpio and both ascendant and Saturn in Cancer just to mention an interesting foursome. It's challenging wrangling the astro cast isn't it! Aries likes to be gung ho and at'em first if possible. Ascendant and Saturn are all about linging for more family, plants, animals and cosiness and Scorp goes as deep as possible and is quite intense enough for my other planetary positions. Thanks for sitting down at your writing desk/ computer to putvthis wonderful information on the table. Have a wonderful August. Toni (Australian from the cold south and also hot north.)