Saturday, July 29, 2017

Jupiter Square Pluto

Jupiter & Pluto

August 4
Jupiter square Pluto 
2:48pm 17 Libra

Two days after Uranus turns retrograde Jupiter squares Pluto for its third and final time at 17/18 Libra & Capricorn.   Oh Spirit how you want to challenge us this cycle!    The first rounds of Jupiter and Pluto took place on November 24 and March 30 and now on August 4 we are at the final round.  Go back to those dates consider what was going on for you.  Perhaps whatever it was will culminate in some way at this date.     Jupiter is blustery and in Libra it wants justice perhaps at all costs.    Pluto in Capricorn wants power and the status quo.  Perhaps at all costs.     What if justice sets the world on fire?  What if being fair causes loss?  What if holding onto the status quo puts people in harms way?    Personally watch out for zealots.   Try to be measured.  Try to take things bit by bit.   Globally there could be righteous zealots trying to force us to do things their way.  There could be wildly disruptive energies.  See if there is a whirling Dervish in the news creating all kinds of strom und drang.   The centrifugal  force will be great.    We should all tread carefully.

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