Monday, July 23, 2018

Astrology This Week is HOT HOT HOT

We are in the the hottest weeks of the summer astrologically speaking.  We start off in gibbous lunar phase where we ask:

How are you refining your big picture ideas?  How are you observing judgmental thinking and how it works or does not work in your world?   How are you fine tuning your opinions so that they are more in alignment with your emotions and feelings? 

We also have:

7/25: Sun square Uranus:   Pride and practicality are at odds.  Ego versus humble workhorse.   What is the best move?  

7/26:  Mercury retrograde 1:02am  23 Leo 27 (see below) 

7/26:  Sun oppose Mars actions based on just being a rebel?  Or actions based on ego bruises?  Or actions based on heart truth? 

And then---drum roll the longest lunar eclipse of the 21st century is on July 27.   Yep.  Read that twice. 

Aquarius lunar eclipse 
Full Moon 
July 27, 2018
4:20pm EDT
(See separatre post) 

thank god there is a little perk from Venus.  

Special focus 
7/27:  Venus trine Pluto depth of values including love and power.  Going deep is easy and reveals new growth.  Practical application of that new growth.  

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