Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Mars & Nodes July 20

As we discussed last cycle, Mars retrogrades every couple of years and at the end of June Mars the warrior stationed retrograde in the sign of Aquarius.  This is the first time it has retrograded in Aquarius since the summer of 1971 and before that the summer of 1939.   Okie dokie.

In his journey, Mars can go over the nodes every year or so (both conjunct & oppose) but this is a particular interesting time since Mars retrograde is right in the hot spot of the lunar nodes and he drives over them three times.  The nodes speak (broad strokes) to karma and dharma.  Skills we have to access because it is part of our life purpose and behaviors we need to jettison because it is our life burden.   Obviously, the nodes in our natal chart have the most meaning to us personally.  But the transiting nodes are also important and can churn up stuff both personally and globally.    This summer Mars will be driving over the nodes like some kind of crazed Viking. The first hit was June 8thso you can think back if anything came up around the first pass.  The second hit is July 20thand the final time is September 26.  So much of the angst of this aspect speaks to people who are either with their tribe or not with their tribe— and are they with people who inspire them?   It is not enough to be connected on low energy—think complainers who like to be with complainers that is not the lesson of south node in Aquarius.  Watching the young soccer players caught in the cave in Thailand has been an allegory of Mars on South Node in Aquarius.   The fraternity, the unusual circumstance and more to the point large groups (again Aquarius) coming together in heroic ways to rescue (Leo). We all are cheering them along from all over the world.   

We probably should expect some cult news to pop up in this cycle which is not a superior use of the Aquarius energy.   Personally, it is more important to be connected with people that bring out the best in you (NN Leo) and you share with them not from ego but more like you are sharing food with friends.   “Hey I have this thought, action, inspiration that you might like.”   With Mars retro we may realize we are sharing with people who don’t care or don’t get what makes us special.  So then what do we do?    Perhaps it is time to expand your circle?   Say Yes to something you would normally say NO.   Watch what comes up around the 20thand see if you get informed about your circles or lack of them or if you are not being understood in your group.    See how much you learn between June 8 and September 26 when it finishes its Viking-ness on the nodes.   

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