Saturday, July 7, 2018

Jupiter Direct July 10

Jupiter Direct 
July 10 1:02pm EDT 
13 Scorpio 20 

Jupiter stationed retrograde on March 8thand it has no doubt churned up a lot for everyone.  Remember he is the biggest planet in our solar system.  

How well do you know your natal chart?   If you know where 13-20 degrees of Scorpio live in your chart then you have a pretty good idea what kind of rocks Jupiter has turned over and which creepy crawlies have emerged.   The nature of the yucky stuff is money and shared resources, debt, sex, taxes, investments and power.  Along with death and rebirth.     If it is in your 3 house of neighbors and siblings and gossip you probably have learned a lesson or two about sharing too much information either now or in your past.  Or maybe there was a sibling or a neighbor trying to get your ‘power’.   Or if you have these degrees in your 10thhouse then god knows your career has felt overhauled or perhaps it is at the beginning of the overhauling.   But even if you don’t know your chart, you still KNOW stuff has been turned upside down in Scorpio.   In particular financial resources may have been wonky or debt seems untenable or sex and power feel ‘off’.  Whatever it is, you may feel more optimistic once Jupiter turns direct.  And if not optimistic you could have learned something about the issues and have a new approach or a new philosophy.  Have you learned about you when you ‘put your mind’ to something what you can accomplish?    There is some value in that OCD component to Scorpio.   We only get Jupiter in Scorpio once every 12 years so whatever lesson this one has for us let’s utilize the information and fix things that need fixing going forwards.   It is interesting that this station direct is taking place in the Gemini lunar phase reminding us that the most important move we can make when faced with the above stated obstacles  is change our thinking first.    Or as Stuart Smalley said, fix your “stinkin’ thinking ”  

Please note these dates and see how you can utilize the Jupiter in Scorpio energy going forward. 

October 10, 2017 Jupiter enter Scorpio 
December 12, 2017 Jupiter shadow 
March 8, 2018 Jupiter station retrograde 23 Scorpio 13
July 10, Jupiter station direct 13 Scorpio 20
October 5 Jupiter leaves shadow 
November 8 Jupiter enters Sagittarius   (last time it was in Sag was 2006)

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