Monday, July 23, 2018

Mercury Retograde in Leo

Mercury Retrograde 
July 26 1:02am  EDT 

July 7: Shadow begins
July 26 retrograde 23 Leo 27 
August 18 direct 11 Leo 31 
Sept 1: Leaves shadow 

And here is that special time in the astro world where we announce, “Ladies and Gentlemen, we are back to having 5 planets retrograde.”  We dropped down to 4 planets retro after Jupiter turned direct two weeks ago but now we get his nosy little friend Mercury turning retrograde in the sign Leo. 

So, let’s make this easy.  Leo is not subtle.  Leo is loud.  Leo wants to tell the truth unless it makes him look bad.   But the bravest Leo around knows that a willingness to own their mistakes and their character flaws and still do the right thing makes them attractive and natural leaders.  What will we do when Mercury retrogrades in Leo?  Last summer we had two days of Mercury retrograde in Leo, most of the three weeks were spent in Virgo.    As annoying as last summer’s retrograde was this one might be a tinge tougher.   Last year we were inclined to beat up self.  This time people will really tick us off especially if they step on our pride.   There will be the usual miscommunications and mayhem around technology and yes someone didn’t write your name down for something important.   On the day of the station retrograde (and therefore an influence on the 3 week period), Mercury is in a tight square with Uranus.   Unexpected issues and fumbles could cost us both time and money and we may want to fight hard and have someone pay for it.   Given this Mercury retrograde spends two thirds of its time in the Cancer lunar phase we will be called upon to explore our emotions when we hit stumbling blocks.   Do we collapse?   Or do we gather our resources and persevere like a real leader?   How strong is our self- esteem?   Remember self- esteem is not the same as ego.     Like all Mercury retrogrades we will do the best we can but remember this one is pushing for people to stand up and be leaders in their homes, communities and perhaps work.  Watch and see if between now and August 8 (when it turns direct) if you don’t come across a bump that brings out your fearlessness and you grow leaps and bounds.  

Right at the beginning, this Mercury retrograde is also being given a gift of anAquarius Lunar eclipse which also activates its opposite sign Leo calling upon us to find our strength.  There’s that word again.    Roar. 

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