Monday, October 12, 2020

Mercury Retrograde. October 13



October 13 

6:04pm PDT 

11 Scorpio 40 


Sep 23       Mercury enters shadow 

9/27:         Mercury enters Scorpio 

Oct 13       stations retrograde 11 Scorpio 40

Oct 27       Mercury re-enters Libra  

Nov 3        stations direct 25 Libra 54  9:49am 

Nov 10      Mercury re-enters Scorpio 

Nov 19      Mercury leaves shadow 


So, sure in this hot bed of messiness, let’s throw in a Mercury retrograde, just for fun.    The retrograde arrives near the end of the Virgo Lunar month which is perfect since Mercury is the ruling planet of Virgo.  The Mercury in Scorpio retrograde is a solid companion piece to Pluto in Capricorn which is helping us find a practical evolution to our power by poking and stimulating our thoughts.   Descartes said, “I think therefore I am”.  Our power is connected to our thoughts about power.       


Mercury in Scorpio is extreme thoughts and communication: Black, white, winners, losers, in, out, left, right, upper, lower.  It is all extreme.  It is not muted.   It is also very law and order.   This Mercury retrograde is not a journey for the feint hearted.  We all will be put on notice by our thinking and communication.   It will get extreme   After Mercury in Libra goes through the mill with Pluto, Saturn and Mars in September it will go into Scorpio and form an opposition to Uranus which will put the accent again on changing thoughts even revolutionary thinking and communication.  Some people will be surprised by their own thoughts and what they hear from others.  It could sound like chaos or it could be brilliant.   During the retrograde Mercury will hit Uranus again and then return for another square with Saturn, turn direct and hit Saturn again, return to Scorpio and form another opposition with Uranus.  If this sounds like a lot of input on Mercury, it is.    


It is important to know that Mercury gets into tussles a couple times every year with every planet.   It is a fast aspect lasting just a couple days.  What makes this period a little more weighted is that it is taking place during the Mars aspects and Jupiter Pluto aspects and the run up for Jupiter Saturn aspect.  There is a lot of going on.   We should as always take note of all communication.  Think long and hard before you send “THAT” text or email.  Watch your snappiness.  Take a moment and ask if your need to exert law and order is justified or over the top?     Remember when Mercury returns to Libra, he knows how to find nuance.   Perhaps it is a simple conversation about fairness (Libra) that needs to transpire?      


It is also important to note that Mercury will turn direct at 9:49am PST on November 3 in the middle of the election day in the USA.   Take from that what you will.  But it is safe to say it could be a wee bit messy between now and the station direct on Nov 3.  

Make a plan on how you intend to vote, if it is in person day of or vote by mail or early voting.  DOUBLE check everything.   Get on the planning early!  

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