Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Remember the Lunar Hurdles


Every month, the moon will be in a cardinal sign once a week.  It stays in the sign for two and half days.  These days can be frustrating and fuses can be short.   Work can be accomplished but it can get bumpy.  Even when you are making your point and tapping into all your force, you can still remember to tap into kindness.    This week's cardinal showcase begins late on the 20th and wraps early in the morning on the 23rd.  

10/14 Moon enters Libra 10:33pm PDT

10/16 Moon enters Scorpio 10:05pm PDT


10/20 Moon enters Capricorn 11:43pm PDT

10/23 Moon enters Aquarius 5:16am PDT 


10/28 Moon enters Aries 1:44am PDT

10/30 Moon enters Taurus 2:18pm PDT 


11/04 Moon enters Cancer 1:45pm PST

11/06 Moon enters Leo 11:18pm PST 


11/11 Moon enters Libra 8:09am PST 

11/13 Moon enters Scorpio 8:18am PST 

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