Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Aries Full Moon. October 20, 2021


Aries Full Moon

October 20, 2021

7:57:00 am PDT

On this Aries full moon, Mars in Libra is in conjunction with the Sun (opposing the Moon).  Libra is ruled by Venus which in mythology was Mars’ partner.    There may be a pull to be action oriented (Mars) for matters of love, art, beauty and of course benefit of partners (Libra).   While Aries full moon normally put the emphasis on self, this three-day full moon cycle we may find a pull from others to ‘relate’.   People will be asking for feedback, input, actions by us and we in turn will be doing our own reaching out.    This is very much an external full moon.  We will not be sitting in our homes, staring at our navels.   


In the chart, Pluto in Capricorn is in T Square to the Sun and Moon causing its own tension.  Pluto in Capricorn will not be bullied by Aries, nor will it be cajoled by Libra niceties.    Pluto In Capricorn is hungry for authentic leadership not just in the greater world but also in our private circles.   During this three-day Aries full moon, we will be aware of who is and who is not, stepping up.   If anyone is unnecessarily brutish (unevolved Aries) or exceptionally shallow/fake (unevolved Libra) we could respond with a pragmatism that may be sharp and cold (Capricorn).     Matters around age could surface, either feeling too old or too young but still we realize we have to show up.   There is no appetite for passivity.  


Also in the chart, the Sun trine Jupiter, Moon sextile Jupiter puts the emphasis on expanding our world.  We may seek those people who maybe don’t look like us and feel ‘foreign’ but on some deep level we see how we are similar.    There is a new level of connection to like-minded circles. 


This full moon we have little appetite for feeling like a victim.   If there are areas where we have felt passive, this three-day cycle may have us kicking it up a notch.  Like a fencer, we will move fast, tidy and with great beauty when we slay a few dragons.  


Together we say, “en garde’.      Enjoy the Aries Full Moon. 


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