Friday, October 8, 2021

Saturn Station Direct: October 10, 2021


Saturn Station Direct 

October 10, 2021

7:17pm PDT 

6 Aquarius 53


Saturn wraps up its retrograde period that launched on May 23 at 13 Aquarius.   It is stationing direct at 6 degrees of Aquarius.   I wrote about this Saturn retrograde  back in the Spring.   Just as a reminder, Saturn is in a sign for approximately two and a half years.   Saturn, the planet of restriction, went into Aquarius, the sign of community and technology when the world went into lockdown due to Covid.    Before Saturn went into Aquarius, ‘zoom’ was a word kids used when they pushed their toy cars on the floor.   Now Zoom is the important tool for employees, family and communities who are just trying to stay connected.    Aquarius of course rules new technology.  


As we head into a direct Saturn cycle, we can assess how we are navigating our community.   Have we found our circle of peeps?  Do we need a new circle?  Are we missing some people that perhaps we had taken for granted?  Are we finding those people who are like minded?  Are we working together for shared goals?   There is a lot to process as we unwind from the Saturn retrograde.  Perhaps some hurdles will be less.  Perhaps walls we carry in our heart and soul and/or strong beliefs about why we don’t like people will become clearer.   Of course, discretion in friendships and community is important to Saturn but walling off from people leans into a less productive Saturn in Aquarius which can mean double downing in loneliness.  We have another round of Saturn in Aquarius retrograde next summer, so we will continue to learn what is important to us in terms of community/friends/circles/like-minded goals.    I would also anticipate the darker side of technology will be in the news, it is worth noting Facebook’s practices were in the news during the retrograde.   More to be revealed I am sure when Saturn turns direct.  In the meantime, Saturn is beginning to grind towards its final square with Uranus taking place on December 23.   Things are growing in intensity. What works?  What does not work?  What creative solutions and dynamic action gets our attention?   Game changer events and moments will not be ignored.   



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  1. I have not had community for eighteen months. I live in a place where I know noone. They hate me and everything i believe in, they are the opposite of me in this city, they are secular, I am spiritual. I am conservative, they are liberal. They are vaxxed, I am not and dont plan to be. I have been trying desperately to get to a small community SO I COULD HAVE COMMUNITY AND NOT DIE ALONE, AS WE ARE ALL LIKELY TO SOON BUT NOW WINTER HAS ARRIVED TWO MONTHS EARLY SO I HAVE NO WAY TO ESCAPE AND THE PROMISE OF SATURN IN AQWUARIUS WILL NEVER COME TRUE FOR ME