Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Libra New Moon! October 6, 2021 - Balance, My Friends, Balance


Libra New Moon over a kitchen. Image SkyViewLite App

Libra New Moon
October 6, 2021 
4:05am PDT 

This 29 day cycle speaks to finding our balance.  Where are we out of whack?  How do we right ourselves?   What are we doing in our relationships?  How are we utilizing the power of negotiations?   We have an opportunity to center ourselves in a profound way this cycle.  Can we do it? 

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There is something there for you.   I know it. 


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  1. Kaj že spet prodajamo koledar te crkovalnice kjer je živina le še za crknit in kamor spada le ovčereja in dobra pečena jagnjetina.