Saturday, December 25, 2021

Astrology Week: December 25 - January 1


Winter Solstice  12/21  photo 

On December 21, the Winter Solstice was launched when the Sun moved into Capricorn at 7:59am PST.    Hard working Capricorn reminds us that it takes discipline and focus to get through the dark nights and remember   that days will grow longer again (for those folks in the Northern Hemisphere.)    While the sun may have changed signs, we are still in the Sagittarius lunar month where we still engage in goals and faith.   

We are in the final week of Sagittarius lunar month in the final days of 2021.  It is natural to think about what we want going forward into the new year at this time.   Curiously, the Capricorn new moon is falling very close to the beginning of the new year, January 2.   Capricorn new moon will remind us the importance of  actions that speak to what we want and also remind us what we wanted back in spring when we made our treasure maps.     But before we get to New Moon we need to finish the work of Sagittarius lunar month.   


At the end of last week(11/22)  we moved into the lunar Disseminating phase.   Disseminating three day phase emphasizes sharing information.         This month our sharing centers around: 



Focus on:  How are you sharing your strength?   How are you sharing pride?   How are you sharing your fire?  How are you a hero?  Who is sharing their heroic nature?   



Special focus:


12/25:  Venus now retrograde conjuncts Pluto again.  What has come up about money and love since 12/11 that needs attention?  How are you releasing anything that is not in alignment with values?   

We then move into Last Quarter Moon and during that phase Jupiter will move into Pisces.   Jupiter spends about a year in each sign although it moves forward for a couple months test driving a sign before it lands there for the big run.   We got a taste of Jupiter in Pisces late spring early summer.   Now we are here again for a lot of 2022.    See separate post on Jupiter in Pisces.  


Last Quarter Moon Phase

December 26, 2021

6:23 pm PST





Last Quarter moon:  Now we do the final adjustments to the seeds we planted on new. The final call, the final letters to send, we follow all the trails that came up that still make sense.  And we let the other parts lay fallow. It is a time of action but wise action.  It is a time for living “The serenity prayer” 


God, grant me the Serenity
to accept the things
I cannot change Courage to change the
things I can, and the
Wisdom to know the difference.




Focus on:

How do your partnerships influence your goals?  How do you find balance through others as you pursue your goals?    How do your goals benefit by diplomacy?  



Special focus 


12/28:   Jupiter enters Pisces (see separate post

12/29:  Mercury conjunction Venus.  Thoughts pointed perhaps obsessed about money matters, love matters and values.   

12/30:  Mercury conjunction Pluto.  Thinking that does not work will collapse.   What new thoughts replace the old thoughts?  




Balsamic Moon Phase


December 30, 2021

5:28am  PST      


Balsamic:   We let go.  By releasing we can prepare for the new.  



Focus on How are you releasing rigidity?  How are you releasing power?  How are you releasing in order to birth something new?  





Special focus: 

1/1 Mercury enters Aquarius 




Capricorn New Moon January 2 10:33am  12 Capricorn 20 

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