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Gemini Full Moon - Dec 18. 8:35pm PST


Gemini - Wikipedia (how perfect) Willem Bleau 1602

Gemini Full Moon 

27 Gemini 29 

December 18, 2021 

8:35pm PST 



The full moon in Gemini reminds us to mind our mind.   Intellectual Gemini, forever curious, is always on the hunt for ‘What is new?’   ‘What’s going on?’  Gemini seeks knowledge and news.  In the old days, before social media exploded, Gemini could be identified as ‘nosey’.   Asking questions, nosing around, often connecting dots.    Now, in some ways, we all got Gemini game.  Every time we go down a rabbit hole on Wikipedia and the WorldWideWeb, clicking here and there, going deeper and deeper until we are drunk on knowledge way beyond need—we understand Gemini.   All that data can be overwhelming.    

Once a year when the Sun is in Sagittarius, we get the full moon in Gemini.  Sagittarius, also knowledge based, is focused more on our beliefs and judgements.  Gemini cares about relevance and keeps Sag on the straight and narrow in the event Sag is basing its big judgements on out-of-date facts.   On the other side, Sagittarius puts the heat on Gemini to make sense of all its facts.    A bunch of data, that does not come to any consensus, can lack meaning and leans into shallow thinking.   The Gemini full moon is when our brains get a chiropractor adjustment.   We need to make sure our shadow Gemini and shadow Sag are not sucking up the energy, so we ask:  Is our thinking accurate?   Is it narrow?  Are we lying or the victim of liars?  All shadow of Gemini.   Are our opinions way off base?  Are our judgements old fashion and narrow?   How many of our judgements are prejudiced in some way? All Sag shadows.   And then there are our values….


Venus and Pluto are in conjunction and within 24 hours of the full moon, Venus turns retrograde.   Curiously, in the chart, Pluto and Venus are also quincunx the Full moon.    There is a rub in a quincunx since the aspect points out a lack of understanding.  In this case the moon in Gemini is getting data, communicating, bopping around, figuring out what is going on in the neighborhood while Venus and Pluto in Capricorn say, “Why?”  What is the value of all that bopping?   Capricorn is prudent and cares about practicality.  It speaks to sensible values.   However, when Capricorn is insecure it can lean into snobbery, looks down its nose and or supreme pessimism.  We may see some of that snobbery and pessimism during this three day phase.   

The three-hit conjunction between Venus and Pluto also suggests a deep dive in values.   What we value and how we are valued are under the microscope until late January and has its final punch the first week of March.   Gemini likes to compare.  “You do that?  Interesting, I do this.”   Learning how to be adaptable is a gift with Gemini.  However, over thinking and comparing where you put yourself on the low side of the equation can be dispiriting and miss your value.   


Jupiter is in a beautiful trine with the moon in Gemini and sextile with the Sun in Sag.  Jupiter is the ruling planet of Sag and is acting like a coach, guiding us to broaden our viewpoints.  Expand our philosophy.  It speaks to getting a wider perspective.  Jupiter is the bridge planet and brings different worlds together.   A conversation with people you normally don’t engage with could be fruitful for expanding your world and giving you a new perspective.   


While the full moon, like all lunar phases is only three day long, this full moon is in the landscape of: 

Venus Regtrograde Dec 19

Capricorn/Winter Solstice Dec 21 

Saturn square Uranus (final hit for 2021) Dec 23

Venus conjunct Pluto, Dec 25 (2 out of 3)

Jupiter enters Pisces (for one year) Dec 28


See if some knowledge comes to you during this Gemini new moon that is helpful as we navigate these bigger astrological cycles.  


One last note—Gemini is a fun, witty cycle ---don’t forget to laugh. 

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