Monday, May 9, 2022

Astrology of This Week: May 8 - May 17


Maybe the words, "Bumpy Road" are more drama than necessary but with the launch of Mercury retrograde in Gemini on the 10th and Jupiter moving out of Pisces and into Aries also on the 10th and the Scorpio Total Lunar Eclipse on May 15th---- well we are going to experience some turbulence to say the least.    

Don't worry if your inner compass feels 'off'.   We are all taking a moment or two to 'right' ourselves.     Try to keep your powder dry if you can.   

First Quarter Moon 


Focus on:  What actions are you taking that speak to your heart?  What actions need your strength?  What actions need honesty?  What actions need creativity?   What actions benefit from theatrics and drama? 



Special Note

5/10:  Mercury station retrograde 4 Gemini 52 (see separate post)

5/10: Jupiter enters Aries (see separate post) 



Gibbous Moon

May 12, 2022 

12:04pm PDT   



Focus on:  What is going on with your relationships?  How are you refining your partnership?  How are you refining your skills at negotiating?   How are you refining your ability to find balance?  



Special focus

5/13 Sun conjunct North Node.   Resources and values are in our face.  How do we improve the areas that need help and protect the assets?  



Full Moon Eclipse  

25 Scorpio 18  

May 15, 2022 

(see separate post) 




Special focus 


5/15:  Venus conjunct Chiron.   What are we doing to improve and strengthen independence?   Love of being independent is hightlighted. 

5/15:   Sun square Saturn.   Conflicts between personal resources and community assets.   How are we disciplined in both?  

5/17: Mars conjunction Neptune.  Actions seem unworldly.   What is guiding our actions?  Are we confused?  Are we using intuition?  Where is our faith? 


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