Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Mercury Retrograde: May 10- June 3


Not that Mercury.    But we loved him so.  

Mercury Retrograde 

April 26:   Mercury shadow begins

May 10 4:37am PDT:  Mercury station retrograde 4 Gemini 52

May 22:  Mercury re-enters Taurus 

June 3 1:00am PDT Mercury station direct 26 Taurus 5 

June 13 Mercury enters Gemini 

June 18:  Mercury shadow ends 


·      Mercury sextile Jupiter May 19

·      Mercury trine Pluto May 25 

·      Mercury trine Pluto May 28 


Our second Mercury retrograde for 2022 begins May 10th.  This retrograde will start in Gemini which is ruled by Mercury and go back into Taurus.    We had Mercury retrograde in Gemini in 2021 and 2015.    Mercury retrogrades in Gemini can be potent and are very similar to the experience of having too many windows open on your computer or too many applications running on your phone.   The data volume is so huge that things can lock up.   The best move with technology is of course re-booting.   The same could be said for our brains during a Mercury retrograde.    We could be told too much stuff, from which we try too hard to synthesize things that maybe should not be joined.  The power of Gemini is getting the real info on the ground.   During the retrograde we may learn that we were missing something key or perhaps we had thought something was one way and yes it was but now it is no longer true.   We can also receive info that does not make sense.  Mercury retrogrades can be bumpy in general but in Gemini they have an additional level of fatigue because confusion is rooted in either rushing too fast (Gemini is an air sign) or is shallow.   The key during this cycle is to refrain from immediate responses, take a beat.   Research like crazy.   Share information that you are certain is accurate.   Be comfortable saying, “I am not sure.”   This is not a time for knee jerk reactions.    But by far, unplug your brain wherever you can.   Consider that you may not know what you do not know.     Be dexterous with your thoughts and your communication.     We will talk more about the power of adaptability next month in the Gemini lunar cycle, but we are getting a taste of it now with the retrograde.   Stretch our adaptability skills in our thoughts and communication for these three weeks and see how it serves us later when the shadow has completed on June 18. 


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