Monday, May 9, 2022

Full Scorpio Lunar Eclipse Moon: May 15


USA Today 

Scorpio Full Moon

Total lunar Eclipse 

May 15, 2022 

9:14pm PDT 


The Scorpio Full moon total lunar eclipse two weeks into the cycle will be the first echo off the Taurus solar eclipse.   Scorpio knows the power of reducing and ditching.    Do we have too many things?  Or do our things have too much control over us?  Or are we too reliant on other(s) and have lost our way to our own power?   How is money and sex being bartered for security?   Would we be better served building up our own reserves in some area that give us our own security?   Is there a price paid by co-mingling with people we have outgrown?   Or is it time to reinvigorate our co-mingling?  Perhaps, step up our own creativity and bring it to the game?    If stuck of course, the answer with Scorpio is to let go.   Death and rebirth are the calling card of Scorpio.   


Saturn in Aquarius squares Sun and Moon on the full moon suggests tension from groups, friends, associates in our circles.   Perhaps there are responsibilities to a group thrust upon us when all we want to do is take care of our needs.   Values may be tested.   Taurus knows how to simplify; Scorpio knows how to fly low and avoid the radar.  While Saturn may suggest a voice touting “You are not enough or not doing enough,” Pluto Trine Sun and sextile Moon, supports boundaries and the ability to do a little and have maximum input.   And of course, Pluto also reinforces the theme of release.    We will all need to  release on this full moon and then breathe. 

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