Monday, May 9, 2022

Jupiter Enters Aries


Jupiter in Aries 

May 10 – October 28, 2022 

Dec 20, 2022 – May 2023 


As we know Jupiter is in a sign for about a year.  The pattern for Jupiter is it will spend about six months in a sign then it will move into the next sign for about four months, retrograde back to the other sign for a couple of months then turn direct and continue its work in the new sign.     It is always interesting when Jupiter is in one sign and the other because there is usually a marked difference, but one could argue that the difference between Pisces and Aries is the most extreme.   Pisces is the final sign of the zodiac.  Pisces knows there are bigger forces in play than what we see.    We can watch apples fall from a tree, it looks like a simple task when the fruit hits the ground.   But when you start talking about gravity that is when you realize something bigger is going on.  That is Pisces, something else is going on.   When Jupiter moves out of Pisces and goes into Aries there is a desire to turn on every booster rocket and get out there in the world.   Go, go, go.   Break through barriers and be first doing something, the bigger the better.      Opinions get big.  We value being our own leader.  We value being first.    We get all worked up with enthusiasm.  Our reach feels limitless.      Those people who have a personal planet in Aries in particular Suns and Moons will really welcome the lift in energy.    Watch some big moves out there in the world that might be ego driven.    It is interesting that at the time of this writing Elon Musk is attempting to make a move to buy Twitter.  He certainly has sucked up the world’s attention in a huge way but at this writing Jupiter is still in Pisces.  If this becomes a reality is yet to be seen and if it does happen while Jupiter is in Aries, we can anticipate even more loudness from that transaction and should expect more Big Players doing Big Plays.    


At the end of October Jupiter will return to Pisces and by that time we might welcome a break from Aries.    The gift of the largest planet in the zodiac returning to the sign of compassion and humanitarian causes and the ‘unknown’ may remind us there is value in humbleness.   Perhaps we don’t know it all?   Let’s see what Jupiter finds when he goes back to Pisces in the fall.  In the meantime, let’s light our rockets and get our Jupiter in Aries ON!   

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