Saturday, March 18, 2023

Balsamic Moon, The Final Days of Balsamic Lunar Year.


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Here we are!  The final days of the Pisces New Moon, where we do a big release AND the final days of the Lunar Year that started a year ago at the Aries New Moon of 2022.  

On March 21, we will have the first of two Aries new moons.  A rare bird, the last time we had two aries new moons was 2004 and the time before that was 1928.   The next round of Aries new moons will be in 2053 and that will be it for this century. 

If you have not made a Treasure Map this is a great year to do it.  

You will have two bites at the apple.   I hope you will take this rare opportunity to make a map on either day and run with it.   See separate post  

In the meantime between then and now - Release.   And clean your house! 

Balsamic Moon Phase


March 18, 2023 

3:58am PDT 



Balsamic:   We let go.  By releasing we can prepare for the new.  



Focus on:  How are you releasing group thought?  How are you releasing your connections to dysfunctional people in your circle?  How are you releasing a stubborn hold on theories that may no longer make sense?   By releasing how are you more humanitarian?   



Special focus:

3/18: Mercury sextile Pluto.  Thinking that finds deep solutions.   

3/18: Mercury enters Aries  

3/20: Sun enters Aries 



Aries New Moon March21, 2023 10:23am PDT 0 Aries 49   

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