Monday, March 6, 2023

Virgo Full Moon: March 7, 2023


Full Moon

16 Virgo 40

March 7, 2023 

4:40am PST 

The moon is in Virgo for about 2.5 days of every month.   This is a period when we can be cranky, critical, frustrated and feel like our nerves are frayed.   Sure.   Got it.    But once a year, it is not just a moon in Virgo --it is full moon in Virgo which of course brings extra juice to our crank, frustration and fraying nerves.  First off--breathe.   



The Full Moon in Virgo really begs us to get practical.   The Sun in Pisces takes us down so many emotional cul-de-sacs and or rabbit holes.   The Pisces sun can feel lost, and it needs the Virgo full moon to shake some sense into us.    How are our daily habits?  Is our morning shower delayed until  7pm?   How about our to-do list?  Have we deposited the check?   Have we scheduled the follow up appointment with the doctor?  What is the status of our food?  Have we been too lost in dreamland or busy-land?   How have we neglected our physical state and our calendar?    Use the Virgo full moon to get back to the all important “To-Do” list.  Do it to get grounded!  


This full moon has a glorious trine with Uranus and a beautiful sextile with the Sun.   When you wake up on March 7, you may get a boost of creativity.  Or something from out of the blue blows in and helps you right yourself.    The sun in Pisces, when it is stuck, can be a bit of a martyr and the moon in Virgo can be like a wound up toy stuck in a corner.   Uranus in Taurus brings practical innovation that will lighten the load either physically or mentally.   We all could benefit by something super practical from out of the blue.  It may come to us from a place of love, one of Taurus’ expertise.  


There is a square between Mars in Gemini with both the Sun and the Moon.   Be careful walking and talking.  It is okay to move slow even if you want to go fast.  Think before you speak.  If you can.  Also plan more time to get anywhere. 


The Sun in Pisces appreciates kindness.   The Moon in Virgo appreciates being of service.  Mars in Gemini can be brusque.   Take a beat.  Open the door for someone.  Remember your thank yous.   Mars in Gemini does understand the gift of pivoting.   If you are feeling stuck and alone then let Mars in Gemini help you shift your mood.  If Moon in Virgo is double downing in doubt or insecurity, let Mars in Gemini shift the energy by reaching out to someone who brings a fresh perspective.   The mutable signs, Pisces Gemini Virgo and Sagittarius know how to get over something because they don’t have time to be stuck.  Let’s see if Mars can play well with Sun in Pisces and Moon in Virgo even in a square.   Thankfully Uranus may blunt Mars desire to fight.  


An hour after the full moon launches,  Saturn leaves Aquarius and enters Pisces.   Also in Pisces is the planet Neptune.    These two are going to be sharing a sign for the next six years.  First in Pisces then in Aries.    It is interesting that this transit into Pisces is happening on the Virgo full moon.  There is something about Saturn and Neptune that feels, “Eat your peas before you have dessert”.   Which is very similar to the full moon between Virgo and Pisces.   Duty and pleasure ping pong.    You can read more about Saturn in Pisces HERE.  


As we head out the waning moon, know that we are down to the last week before Treasure Mapping.    Why don’t you take the full moon to clean your house!  





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