Saturday, March 18, 2023

Treasure Map Season is Upon Us! Two Bites at the Apple!


Treasure Mappers!  

Next week will be our first Aries New Moon in 2023.   Yep, read that twice, we will have two Aries New Moons this year.     Kind of a rare bird.    We had a set of Aries new moons in 2004 and we will have another set in 2053 and that's it for this century.  

What does that mean in relation to Treasure Mapping?   I know it is weird, right?  We always make our maps during Aries New Moons.   The window is the waxing moon (between new and full) on the Aries new moon.   Very simple.  Make map then.  If not, then wait until next year to make a map.  Simple.  Easy peasy.    But this year, there is more opportunity which it can be daunting.   Yeah, the universe does that to us, doesn't it?   

Anyway, let's go over the basics.    

A Treasure Map is a vision board that is made only during Aries New Moon.  When we make our Treasure Map in Aries we will start to see manifestations by Cancer New Moon in the summer.   I have been making Treasure Maps for 27 years with my friends and Treasure Mapper groups and while some years may be more productive than others, they are still very effective.   The process is very powerful.  

If you want to know why we make a Treasure Map during Aries New Moons and the history of this process please check out YouTube where I was interviewed by Amanda Walsh at Astrology Hub in February.   

I go over in the video the options for the dates but here it is in a nutshell:

Of course you do not begin the process until the new moon launches.  Then you gather your images and either make a physical board or a cyber board.  They both can work.    In terms of laying out your images you can do it in any manner you wish.   A lot of us use the Feng Shui Bagua Grid since it hits all aspects of life.    This assures us we do not have a map that is only focused on one subject (e.g. a map all about money or only about relationship or only about health).   

What do we do between now and Treasure Mapping?  

We clean our house.    We look at our house and if there is any area that needs tidying, any area that is cluttered, any area that makes us feel bad, we fix it.   We either take things to trash, or we donate or we get it repaired or we recycle it.    We throw out stuff that no longer serves us.  We clear the space of our house, our car, our work, that crazy drawer that is hard to open.   All of it.  Declutter like a crazy person Why?  Because Einstein said no two things can occupy the same space.  So all that stuff in your house that makes you feel icky, that ick we want out so that your head, your psyche and your emotions are ready to tackle the new space of "What do I want?"   "What do I need?"   "What is calling me?"  

Also note any thinking that is 'off'.    "Everyone is luckier, healhier, wealthier, better,  ______ fill in the blank .. than me."     All that thinking that marginalizes you and your future, note it and release it.   

A lot is going on in the astrological world.   We have Saturn who just entered Pisces for a two year journey and then enters Aries in 2025 which is a whole big change.   In about ten days  Pluto is about to enter Aquarius where it will be back and forth between Capricorn and Aquarius for a couple years tying up all kinds of loose ends and then remain in Aquarius for twenty years.    In 2025 Uranus enters Gemini for a 7 year cycle of thrills and spills.  These are a lot of changes, especially focused on how we relate to others and the groups that we choose to join in some form or fashion.    Who we are when we enter any group depends on a strong understanding of what makes us tick.   This could be the gift of these two Aries New Moons.   By drilling down on our wants and wishes we will deepen our understanding of our values.  


Have a great Treasure Mapping Experience.   



  1. What do we do with our old map? And do you know the time that there will be a session on April 20th at the astrology hub?

    1. Thanks Katherine. It's just some stuff didn't come true but I guess I can add that to the new one...

  2. You can get rid of them in manner and time that calls to you. I tend to hang on for a couple years then they go to Mr. TrashCan. Tracy

    1. Thanks Tracy. So I can put it aside somewhere whilst still working on the new one. I wonder what to do about an existing boyfriend, if you want the relationship to move to a different level do you need to put an actual picture of him on it or can you just put qualities etc and things you want? I don't want him to see the treasure map. :-)