Sunday, January 14, 2024

Astrology Week of January 14 - January 20th.


Crescent Moon Phase

January 14, 2024

10:13am PST  



Focus on: What are you learning about your faith?  What are you learning about the importance of spirituality?   How does intuition support your goals?   


Special Focus

1/14: Venus trine North Node.  Creativity and values are tied to independence and leadership.   

1/15: Sun sextile Neptune.  Spirit and faith are in synch with hard work and ambition. 



First Quarter Moon 

January 17, 2023

7:52pm PST 


Focus on:  How are you taking actions that support your independence?   What actions are you taking by your OWN efforts that speak to the power of self-agency? How do your goals benefit by personal initiation?  



Special Note


1/18: Mercury sextile Saturn.  Solid communication and thinking connected to faith.   

1/19: Mercury trine Jupiter.  Broad thinking that expands world with practical application.  

1/19 Venus square Neptune.  Fuzzy facts that impact resources and values.  Tread carefully.  

1/20: Sun conjunction Pluto 29 Capricorn 59  (see separate post) 

1/20: Pluto enters Aquarius 4:50pm PST (see separate post) 

1/20: Sun enters Aquarius.   Happy Birthday Aquarians, you early ones are in the middle of big changes. 


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