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Uranus Station Direct: January 26, 2024 (19 Taurus 05)


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Uranus station direct 

January 26, 2024

11:35pm PST 

19 Taurus 05 


Uranus spends half of every year in retrograde motion.  When it stations in the sky it looks like it is just hanging there going nowhere.  Looks can be deceiving, because when a planet is stationing that is when it is quite potent.  


Once Uranus turns direct, all planets will be in direct motion until April 1 (when Mercury stations retrograde).  We will feel engines revving up for these next three new moons and all the planets in direct motion.   


On this direct motion of Uranus, it is good to remember that Uranus moves through the solar system at a 98 degree angle.  Basically it looks like it is traveling on its side.  Imagine Earth's equater if it went from north pole to south pole, that's Uranus.   Uranus is also the only planet named for a Greek god, all the others are Roman.   It should be obvious that Uranus does things different.   In personal charts, when Uranus touches (by aspect) inner planets, that's where we get our weird on.   No matter how much we might want to conform, our planets who have some Uranus juju, just can't control their inner rebel.  Their drive to be different is strong.   


Back in 2023, Uranus stationed retrograde on August 28.   Since then, Uranus may have messed with technology or slowed down innovation.  But now turning direct we can anticipate some movement.  


Both technological disruption and novelty may offer up something that is frustrating or inspiring.  Or there may be a breakthrough that is perhaps hopeful.  Aviation, Internet, Television, Radio and technology could get our attention.  For what it’s worth, Uranus and Pluto in Aquarius also speak to UFOs.      


Uranus will station direct at 19 degrees of Taurus.  Jupiter who moves fast is heading for a rendevous with Uranus.  The two of them will be joining up on April 20, 2024.  Every 14 years these two planets form a conjunction however it is a very rare event for the two of them to conjunct in Taurus.   


The last time they hooked up in Taurus was May of 1941.  Many  astrologers have pointed out the quintessential earmark for that aspect was the UK navy captured a German Uboat (submarine) which had the Engima.   The Enigma was the decoding machine used by the Germans to send each other messages during WW2   This captured device then set off the UK scientists to break the code.  Classic technological Uranus.   Also noteworthy at that time was the release of the Orson Wells film "Citizen Kane".   The ingenuity of the film is legendary, go to any film school across the world and there will be a lesson on Citizen Kane.  Again, perfect Jupiter Uranus.  


However, to hammer home the point that the Jupiter Uranus conjunctions in the sign Taurus do not happen often, astrologer Adam Elenbass points out that the next  conjunction before 1941 was almost a hundred years  earlier in1858.  At that time, Adam cites that Abraham Lincoln who was not yet a presidential candidate gave his "House Divided" speech which warned that a nation that is divided (half slave and half free) can not survive.  Of course, this speech telegraphed the US Civil War that would arrive two years later.   Adam then points out that the time before 1858 was the year 1181.  That conjunction went on for nearly six months and in that time there was the birth and baptismal of Francis of Assisi and there was a major Supernova which was one of only five to happen in the last thousand years.   Great research by Adam.  


If you are getting the feeling that our Jupiter Uranus conjunction will probably have something big and noteworthy around it, well so am I.    In 2024, this is the final year where Uranus is ONLY in Taurus.   Next year it will ping pong in Taurus and Gemini.   


Now that Uranus is heading direct we may start to see some stuff come up.   


In the meantime, for those people with planets around 20 degrees of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius you know you have had to lighten up and get out of your own way.  Stubbornness for no other reason than ‘resistant to change’ will get called out.   Look to your chart to see where you may be stuck. 

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