Sunday, January 14, 2024

January 20th.


January 20th – A very big date  

Sun conjunct Pluto 29 Capricorn 59 @5:46am PST

Sun enters Aquarius  6:07am PST

Pluto enters Aquarius 4:50pm PST 





Once a year the Sun gets on top of Pluto, but this date in 2024 is potent because this is the last time Sun and Pluto conjoin in Capricorn in our lifetime.   Between January 11th and January 20 many people may feel a drive to get some action going with their career.   It could surprise them but like salmon going up stream they are on it.  Or they will be driven to make sure that their pragmatic practices support their own personal systems and structures.  There may be a sense of ‘this could help me later.’  


Watch what comes up for you between the 11th and the 20th.   How are you feeling impelled to get ‘out there’ in the world?   There is one more piece of evolution we are bearing witness and when Pluto returns to Capricorn in the fall, we may see something from right now in January become important in the fall.   This can be significant both personally and globally.    


Pluto re-enters Aquarius 

January 20, 4:50pm PST 


Pluto dates: 

October 10, 2023, Pluto stations direct (27 Capricorn 53)

January 9, 2024, Pluto enters new shadow (29 Cap 38) 

January 20, 2024, Pluto returns to Aquarius 

Feb 1 Pluto exits old 2023 shadow (0 Aquarius 22) 

May 2, 2024, Pluto stations retrograde (2 Aquarius 06) 

Sept 3, 2024, Pluto re-enters Capricorn 

Oct 11, 2024, Pluto stations direct (29 Cap 38) 

Nov. 19, 2024 Pluto re-enters Aquarius 

Feb 2, 2025, Pluto exits shadow (2 Aquarius 06) 

2043 – Pluto exit Aquarius 


The dance with Pluto continues as it ping-pongs between Aquarius and Capricorn.   Last year Pluto was in Aquarius between March 23 and June 11th, and it spent the rest of 2023 in Capricorn.   Look back to spring of 2023 to see if you had inklings as to how Pluto in Aquarius may start to shape your life.  


For a bigger and global assessment, we need to take a moment and look at when Pluto began its journey in Capricorn.  I was watching it in real time and was astounded by the on-Brand Capricorn back then. Pluto entered Capricorn in January 2008, it then retrograded back into Sagittarius where it had been for about a dozen years and then on September 8th Pluto turned direct heading for Capricorn where it would be until now.  What is most important to note is that four days after Pluto stationed direct, Lehman Brothers collapsed beginning The Great Recession.  Then when Pluto re-entered Capricorn the notion of too big to fail continued with mass public dollars rescuing Wall Street along with the arrest of Bernie Madoff for embezzlement of investors’ money.   All of this speaks to Capricorn.  I point this out to illustrate that when Pluto goes back and forth between signs it usually has loud events.  Pluto sends bold calling cards indicating what it is about in the new sign.   In the case of Pluto stationing direct in October 2023 it happened five days after the Hamas terrorists’ attacks.   Will there be a call back to October around January 20th ?   Aquarius speaks to technology.  Aquarius speaks to ‘of the people’.    Those in leadership who are not doing the people’s work will be challenged.  And it will not be insignificant challenges.   Look for activity and calling cards around; Pluto’s return to Aquarius, Pluto retrograde in May, Pluto return to Capricorn in September and Pluto’s final direct motion in October.   Then once Pluto returns to Aquarius in November it will be there until 2043.    By any measure, 2024 is Pluto potent.   


On a personal level anyone with planets between 29 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn and people with planets at 0-2 degrees Aquarius, Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio are no doubt aware of change and transformation being prodded in their lives.   Pluto is evolution.  What changes are emerging?  What are your instincts telling you?   


Aquarius of course speaks to finding friends and like-minded groups where we appreciate others and where we are appreciated.  Aquarius allows us to be different and out of the ordinary and through that out-of-step-ness we find others who also are out-of- step and together we do something.   Maybe we join up for a coffee and realize how much we have in common.  Or maybe we gather to do something for the community.    If you have ever been to Comicon or a Star Wars Convention or dressed up for Renaissance faire or presented public comment at a city council meeting, take all that and add steroids and you have got Pluto in Aquarius.    


Also welcome to technological booms.  And sure, we are all scared of AI.  Got it.  But there may be some breakthroughs through AI.  Remember we are at the beginning of this journey.  It is impossible to know how it is all going to unfold.  The last time Pluto was in Aquarius was 1777 – 1798.  I have mentioned in previous reports that the USA constitution was formed during the 18th century Pluto in Aquarius. Along with the French Revolution cut off the heads of royalty.  Again how Aquarius.   Remember, Aquarius is the opposite of the sign of royalty, Leo.   Pedestalizing of any individual and certainly kings and titans in any community or industry will be problematic for that person.   


Speaking of the USA, America is wrapping up its Pluto return this year.  Our election in November will be the final election during the time of Pluto in Capricorn.    For a nice reminder of what is going on for the American chart  Michael Lutin wrote about Pluto in Capricorn in 1776 and the birth of the USA.   The article is from 2006 but it is still fresh as the ink in John Hancock’s big signature.  


Also, we will be on alert especially this year for all the inner planets aspects to Pluto now situated in Aquarius.   The first one out of the gate is Mercury conjunction Pluto on Feb 5.  See if there is anything to glean in the news and or in our personal lives around that date that speak to Pluto in its new home.  In the next lunar month of Aquarius, I have my eyes on Feb 13th when Mars forms a conjunction with Pluto.  It is explosive in nature.   

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