Saturday, June 8, 2013

Gemini New Moon 2013

Gemini New Moon

I just put up the article on MargaretWendtWebsite with no time to spare.  Perfectly Gemini.
I am looking forward to this 28 day cycle. I think we need the air more than ever.  It was a pretty heavy May and April with the three eclipses.  Now we get to get our intellect on again.  Have fun.  Go to parties.  Be social.   But more than anything---BE CURIOUS!    Here is a snippet from my article. Go to link for whole piece.


How are you curious?   Seriously, what makes you get up out of your chair and look out a window?   What makes you walk across the street to check something out?   What makes you call someone and ask them what is going on with ____?     I will give you the answer.   Mercury & Gemini. 

Gemini and his ruling planet Mercury are curious.   They ask a lot of questions.  They wonder why.    Mercury is of course the messenger planet.   He moves fast.   He zooms from one place to another, bringing information.   He takes data from one place and brings it to another place to effect change.   Some times that change is for the good….sometimes for the not-so-good.   Gemini rules neighbors and siblings which makes sense since they are usually the first people we share information with, the sister in the room down the hall, the neighbor across the street.  We learn our communication from our world close around us. 

Gemini is the first air sign of the zodiac.  Air is vital, not just because we need it to breathe but also because it clears out the yuck.   Hot humid days can change with one cool breeze.   Living in Los Angeles I have experienced plenty of smoggy, hot days then when the wind shifts and a cool ocean breeze blows in, well,  I assure you everyone feels lighter.    Gemini can lighten up any room.   This is a gift.

Wind also moves vitality from one place to another.  Seeds from flowers, trees and plants will blow in the wind.   A fig tree grows on a hill then another fig tree shows up half mile away all because at some point in time a wind picked up a seed from the tree on the hill and carried it to a new spot.   Sharing data or new ideas that often-later sprout into something vital is perfect Gemini and is a gift.  

Gemini rules journalism, newspapers, articles, short stories, conversations and communication in general.   Again, it is all about mixing it up. Getting stories out there that entertain but also inform.   Gemini is a nexus of information.  They bring out dialogues and conversations.   This is a gift.

 Every sign has its defects and with Gemini they can be shallow and snappy and lie.   They get frustrated by anyone who appears dull. And their tongue is sharp.  So sharp is a Gemini comment that they have no idea what kind of impact their jab has made on someone.   Many a Gemini has made a flippant remark and is later surprised when the recipient of the barb dumps them.   And then what does Gemini  do?  They walk off confused  or they pretend nothing has happened and try to get the person to talk to them again.  Gemini hates closed doors.   Gift or not a gift?  You decide.

Gemini is smart.  No scratch that.   Gemini is super smart.  Their brains are always on.  They are thinking about things that the rest of us would never think about in a million years.  The light bulb is always on.    Of course, god help us if we should talk about something that they find boring, they won’t think twice about walking away.   And of course god help the world if they are bored. That is when the lying starts and the gossip rolls out.  Yi, yi, yi.  

Yes, all that yucky stuff is annoying about Gemini.  But I promise, you Gemini is very, very funny.   Their wit is legendary.  When you are down, call a Gemini. They will make you laugh.   They are usually good for a story to shift your mood.  When you need a clever solution to a problem, call a Gemini.  When you need to get the word out, call a Gemini.  When you need something written that is sharp and clever call a Gemini.  When you need someone to come in who is not emotional but highly intellectual who will use reason….call a Gemini.  These are gifts.

 The next twenty eight days will bring out our intellect.  We won’t be so emotional but our brains will be on.  We will be racing figuratively and literally.  We will be zooming.   Energy will come in and go out so quickly our brains will barely

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