Monday, June 24, 2013

Mercury retrograde

Mercury turns retrograde
June 26,  9:08am

Speaking of The Universe and its remarkable ways, as I mentioned, Gemini’s ruling planet is Mercury.  And Mercury will be turning Retrograde on June 26 (9:08 am EDT) at 24 degrees Cancer. It will remain retrograde until July 20.    I find the Mercury retrogrades in the Gemini lunar cycles to be a bitch.  Not because the missed appointments, the confused conversations, the screwed up stuff, even the broken computer, yes, they are all lame but what is really annoying is the noise around it.  We will hear a lot of griping.  Especially with Mercury in Cancer, I have a moon in Cancer so I know this one intimately, Cancer can be a griper maybe not to the world but definitely to family.      Families will be bitching at us, our loved ones will be bitching.   Even though we are in a very intellectual lunar cycle our emotions will start to get stretched once Mercury retrogrades.  But again, it should not slay us.   Here is a little help.  If you are feeling like everything is effed up for three weeks, slow down.  Stop moving so fast.  What are you running from anyway?   What do you fear?  Cancer is always looking to hide in his shell.  Maybe a little hiding is not a bad thing.   Go in the shell and get cozy.  Shut the curtains and watch a ton of movies.   Then come out and you will be ready to lift the energy again.

Just to get your head around the path and dates of the retrograde, let me remind you.  On June 9th Mercury went into the shadow period.  That is when it crossed 13 Cancer and basically some things that came up between June 9 and June 26 may come up again for second appraisal  between June 26 and July 20th .  Then between July 20th  and August 3 we will unwind even further.   For example we might have a little bump come up between June 9 and June 26.  Then during the retrograde the bump really turns into a thing.   We process and work our way through it for three weeks and then by the time we get to August 3 it is over.     Of course this is taking place right in the middle of summer so please double check ALL reservations.  I hate to see you arrive at a vacation and have no car or hotel available for you.

In the meantime, let's try to have our emotions work for us.  That will help the retrograde a lot.  


  1. My natal Mercury is retrograde and I find life and communication are easier for me during this time. Weird, huh?

  2. I have heard many people with natal mercury retro say the same thing.